Home and Away's 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 Years

20 years ago, the 17th of January 1988 to be exact, Home and Away first aired on Australian TV's Channel Seven. Twenty years later, 4560 episodes later, plus two straight-to-video episodes, the show is still with us, going from strength to strength. Whilst Alf and Sally still remain from the first show, 20 years ago, a remarkable feat of longevity in itself, there has been numerous characters that have got our interest during the past two decades. Some fans claim to have watched every episode, some have only watched a year. However, over the next month in particuarly and throughout the next year in general, we, at BTTB are going to do our best to pay tribute to the show that we all love. BTTB Team

20_dramatic_departures (2).jpg

30th December 2007
20 Memorable Departures - All characters have to leave at some point. The BTTB staff look at what they thought were the best departures.  


 31st December 2007
20 Family Ties - A look back at those storylines featuring long-lost relatives creeping out of the woodwork.  


 1st January 2008
This Month Then...January 2008 - What happened in Summer Bay 1, 5, 10 and 20 years ago.  

where_are_they_now_abroad.jpg2nd January 2008
Where are they now: Abroad - Who are they globetrotting characters of Home and Away.  


 5th January 2008
Ryan's 20th Naff Departures - 20 Departures that Ryan personally thinks the writers could have done better.


 6th January 2008
20 psychos and villains  - 20 of the most evil and nasty characters home and away ever saw.  


 7th January 2008
20 car crashes  -
20 smashes on Summer Bay's roads.  


 9th January 2008
20 Returnee Facts - 20 Facts about Returning Characters. 


 11th January 2008
20 Casting Facts -
20 Facts about the casting of certain characters.