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  1. 19 hours ago, project90 said:

    Interesting. Have they ever done a domestic violence storyline before when the male is a victim? I find the storyline idea very appealing. Domestic violence towards males in a relationship is something that happens that I don't think gets enough awareness. Not saying Dean shouldn't get this storyline but am interested in hearing your reasons why picked him.

    This was exactly what I was going to say. It would be a super appealing and moving television product if it was to occur, particularly if it's Dean of all males to be put in this position because he is the tough "bad boy" of the bay

    The closest thing I can think of is that Aden Jefferies and we later find out his dad as well were abused by their grandfather, but all of this took place before they were characters and also wasn't even discussed properly until Aden became a regular and his background was further explored

  2. I thought her first couple of eps were great but she's quickly grown super entitled I feel. Seems to need to be the center of attention at all times and have everything her way

    I think she is a very complex individual however as a result of her upbringing, I get the impression that before Ari left everything was handed to her, and when he left it shook her up however she still continued to have things handed to her as a result of how she seems to behave around other people like Ryder, such as with the workplace training and preventing Bella from seeing Nikau. 

    She will grow overtime, but not a good first impression and honestly I think that the show has overdone it with the arguing between her and Ryder and it's starting to make everyone kind of look bad I feel

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  3. Nikau is an amazing character, I am impressed with how well he polled. I am going to make a bold statement that he will eventually go down as the best ever character who is not originally from Australia, I understand there isn't too much competition for that title but he is something awesome!

  4. 2 minutes ago, JackWilkins said:

    Secondly,well because it wouldn’t be the same for me if I didn’t.. my Freya... you’ll always get that one point as long as I’m able to vote for you :P ^_^

    It's funny because my Freya has become Axel haha, except I gave him 2 points this year. There's always that one complex guest character that one likes, that's both of ours (of course I can't get around everything Axel did but he was just a funny guy)

  5. Alf Stewart - 12
    Roo Stewart - 14 
    Marilyn Chambers - 14 
    Leah Patterson-Baker- 11
    John Palmer - 10
    Martin Ashford - 6
    Hunter King - 10
    Tori Morgan - 18 
    Justin Morgan - 11
    Brody Morgan - 8 (-1)
    Mason Morgan - 2
    Raffy Morrison - 10 
    Ziggy Astoni - 16
    Ben Astoni - 10
    Maggie Astoni - 11
    Coco Astoni - 8 
    Phillip McCarthy - 10
    Buddy the Dog - 11
    Robbo - 12
    Jennifer Dutton - 10
    Ryder Jackson - 14 (+1)
    Axel Boyd - 1
    Willow Harris - 12

  6. On 16/10/2020 at 23:43, Liz Ireland said:


    Willow used to wear some very cool outfits but now all she wears is the red gym gear. Even when going for dinner... 



    She didn't work at the gym to begin with, whereas she is the manager now and the gym is a business that doesn't contain as much staff as Salt so I imagine that is why. She is also a qualified trainer too and it's professional to be in that clothing when at work.

    Casey was a bit like that, if you watched that far back

  7. 20 hours ago, Dan F said:

    Yes guest characters are always allowed - there'd be some unhappy people if we excluded the likes of Angie Russell, Paris Burnett, Jazz Curtis etc. 🙂

    He debuted before 7414 so yes he is, if you feel he's one of the Top 7 characters of all time 😉

    I like to throw votes towards recurring characters, have voted for 3 this time round. I just felt a couple of people deserve acknowledgement that fly under the radar

  8. Any idea why it's taken this long for him to finally join the Bay? Was there plans for him to join sooner? I am aware that there's often family members that join later, but it seems odd that the whole family appear in all the same promo shots yet have never been together at all on screen probably until tomorrow night's episode I imagine...bizarre!

    I will say I don't actually mind that they have had his character introduced a little later and had a few city visits. I quite like the aspect of characters travelling outside the bay to random recurring locations for storylines, I just feel as though that this particular one has gone on for a little too long.

  9. Short answer: All of them

    Long answer: yeah as you said it seems like for the most part on Home and Away the people who get cast auditioned for some sort of other role! As you listed in the post there's A LOT of them! It's just the industry I guess, the casting producers keep an eye on who just missed out and find the perfect role for each individual actor

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