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  1. 10 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:


    Chloe fesses up to Ryder but not to anyone at the Diner.I'm still utterly confused as to how this takeaway business is supposed to work though. Given how late the Diner seems to stay open, are they only delivering in the middle of the night?

    IKR???? Did they just pop everything they cooked in the freezer and now they bung it in a microwave when no one’s looking. (Because reheated tacos would be delicious - not. 🤢)  Who’s delivering it? Or is it being picked up on the sly while Ryder is manning the surf shop - in between his shifts at Salt?? Also Do they really think that Irene and Leah aren’t going to notice a sudden jump in their utility bills? None of it makes any sense.

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  2. On 16/09/2021 at 13:39, H&Alover said:

    Whereabouts in the UK Little bean, I'm from SE London but never heard of it, but then I'm an oldie.😄  Would it be short for "I can't be doing with him?"

    Yes, exactly that. I’m in Devon….and also an oldie!!! 😂 I just hear it (and variations of it) all the time from my teenage students and my nieces! 

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  3. 9 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

    Frankly, given how much Mia was walking around, she probably could have got that phone:Okay, it was apparently "smashed up" but it's worth checking surely?

    Not for the first time (Alf after the school explosion, Ash trapped under the car…) I’ve been left  wondering if the “Hey Siri” feature exists Down Under….?!

    It’s all quite enjoyable so far but please God don’t let Nik end up being a hero in all of this. I can’t with him at the moment.

    Mia could have done so much more harm than good messing about with the car. She would have been better off trying to protect herself and her baby  (it’s not looking good there 😞)  while talking to Dean and trying to keep him calm from outside the car. Still, I’m looking forward to the drama to come. 

  4. I’m left wondering why Stephen bothered inserting himself into the bay at all? Would there have been any leads pointing to him if he’d just scarpered once he had dumped the body? There were more than enough suspects knocking about for the police to pin it on the wrong person without his help! 🤪

  5. Do you think Sienna actually thought she NEEDED  to do any of the things she has? It feels to me like she’s just one of those people who enjoys messing with people’s lives for kicks. It was implied that she’s done the same previously with Emmett. I kind of think it’s all just a game for her - she’s got plenty more fish in the sea to take to Japan or wherever the next big gig is. She’ll enjoy the power trip, laugh about it and move on to the next victim. I’ve hated the whole storyline if I’m honest and can’t wait until it’s fully over! (With the exception of Emmett though. I wish he’d stayed!!) 

  6. 11 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:


    Susie drove off after smashing the phone: I get the feeling she intended to completely destroy it but didn't realise it was still at least partly intact.It's not been made entirely clear, but Amy accused John of sending the texts from a burner phone so...my best guess is that the texts came from a different phone, but the police have had a track out for Susie's old phone since she first went missing, and this is the first time it's been turned on. (Which would suggest they'd have tracked it before now if it had been turned on to send the texts.) I could, of course, be completely wrong.

    Thanks. 👍🏼
    So her killer got incredibly lucky and stumbled across the phone, recognised it as hers and hung into it to plant on someone else. Or he/she was already watching her and it was a very pre-mediated crime. 

    Unless of course it WAS Justin and he left it in his car - and randomly switched it on for no good reason…..

    I am liking the way Cash seems to be quietly running his own investigation in his head! 

    Yes, I was thinking that the graffiti was behind the Braxton house too. It hasn’t been seen for a loooong time. 


  7. The phone thing is bothering me. I seem to remember that Susie ran it over as she left but I can’t remember if she picked it up again after she did that?
    Did someone else in the bay stumble across it in the road and hang onto it just so they could plant it as evidence?
    If she picked it up then that raises the possibility that she was working with someone else and they turned on her. Unless of course she kept it for some reason and then her killer just happened to find it after bumping her off. Hmmm……

  8. 19 hours ago, H&Alover said:

    But I thought John had someone with him when he got the first text?🤔  Yes it was that long ago

    He was alone but he had just spoken to Stephen who then walked away. John had his phone in his hand at the time so if it was Stephen who sent it he would have been able to watch John’s reaction.

  9. Welcome!

    I don’t think anyone has ever called him Arti. I think his name is pronounced with a rolled “r” in his native Kiwi tongue. Some characters just say it straight without the roll and others use it. I think the rolled version may be what sounds like  a “t” to you. 

  10. 16 hours ago, pembie said:

    It’s pretty obvious it is Stephen his trying to set Justin up for the murder I’m bit confused though because Susie must have been killed around the time  Justin punched Stephen so then Stephen could say Justin attacked him but really it was Susie who gave him that beating But Cash said Susie was in the water while John was getting those texts from Stephen the timeline is abit wacky

    I assumed she’s been dead, and her body had been in the water, for much longer - probably since before Stephen even arrived. If he is her killer he probably came to the bay deliberately to try to set someone else up - hence sending texts to John. Justin definitely attacked him and that would give him a really good reason to try to pin it on him instead of John. 

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  11. It’s really going to annoy me if Stephen turns out to be chasing Leah (or to have killed Susie) and Justin gets to play the “ I told you so” card. He’s never been a favourite character of mine anyway but right now I can barely watch his scenes. Surely they should be doing more to get him into re-hab? 

  12. 54 minutes ago, 630si said:

    No idea about a specific problem with 5star of late. 

    The main overall issue is that it is not in HD which Is just infuriating. I've noticed it's better on one of my TVs and dreadful on the other. 

    all the films and dramas they show on 5star too you'd think HD would be a must nowadays

    Absolutely no issues with 5* for me. All working fine. 
    I have an HD tv but honestly, I can’t notice any difference. I don’t even watch any other HD channels deliberately over non HD and I never download in HD. I guess it’s just a personal thing. Maybe some people have sharper eyesight than others! 🤪😂

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  13. That’s quite a Mary Poppins styleee bag Susie’s got going on there. First poison and now a handy dandy bottle of chloroform. Not sure why she didn’t just grab the nearest heavy object to bonk Irene on the head but I guess she’s just one of those soccer Moms who has something on hand for every eventuality. 

  14. 4 hours ago, Homeandawayfan. said:

    A new foster family move into Summer Bay House after Alf's funeral.

    Revelations that is was just a dream are so against the show and just destroys years of investment into a show. It is H&A not Dallas.

    You should Google the “Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis” for the ultimate “it was all a dream” scenario..... 


  15. On 23/04/2020 at 19:40, Dan F said:

    Yes, he had acute compartment syndrome - internal bleeding had caused the pressure to build in his leg to a very dangerous point.

    There actually has been a death from compartment syndrome on the show before now - Charlie Nicholas back in 2000 (he was the guy that Gypsy had got involved with when they were in a car crash)

    Didn’t Romeo also have it once? I can’t remember how or why he hurt his leg, but it rings a bell. 

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