What's been happening in Home and Away? (March - June)

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Miles revealed that he was Sally's twin brother!
Johnny escaped from jail and stabbed Sally a few days before the anniversary of Rocco's death.
With her life hanging in the balance on the operating table, she met her late foster father, Tom, who told her that 'the books had to be balanced', meaning that Sally going back would cause someone else to die!
Aden continued to cause problems for Geoff, while Annie continued to lose faith.
Leah received news that Dan had died after an abseiling accident in the USA.
Amanda Vale returned as the Bay came together to say goodbye to Dan Baker.
Amanda wasn't the only one to return, Jazz Curtis also came back to the Bay.
Martin Bartlett became principal of Summer Bay High.
Ric and Matilda agreed to give their relationship another go.
Johnny died and Sam was the one responsible for it.
Belle and Drew had a heated argument and broke up for good.
The Diner collapsed.
Cassie came to terms with her HIV diagnosis by telling Alf, Colleen, Leah and Irene.