What's been happening in Home and Away? (July - August)

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Jai arrives in Summer Bay to live with Miles.
Melody is assaulted by Axel at Nicole's party.
Kane returns to Summer Bay! Where's Kirsty?
Ross reveals to Morag that his wife just died of cancer.
Kirsty follows Kane into Summer Bay to ask Irene to care for Ollie, their son.
Money is stolen from the Den! Was it Jai?
Ric begins his job as a security guard, with Larry Jeffries.
Axel is hospitalised. Who did it?
Kane robs the jewellery shop. Larry is seriously injuried in the hold-up.
Aden and Belle share a kiss.
Charlie, Ross' daughter arrives as the new cop in town.
Irene & Roman offer to buy out Leah's share of the Den.
Kane is setenced to nine years jail. He tells Kirsty to find someone else!
Another Buckton, Ruby, arrives in town.
Rachel wants children, but Tony has had a vasectomy.
Matilda is accepted into uni in WA, but problems arise with Ric.