What's been happening in Home and Away (Jan - Feb)

angelotownmeeting.jpg- Angelo shocked those attending a town meeting when he announced that Belle had been having an affair.

belleangelo.jpg- Angelo's temper reached boiling point, causing him to lash out at Belle.

romancharlie.jpg- With their relationship falling apart at the seems, Charlie and Roman finally called it quits.

MilesandKirsty.jpg- Miles and Kirsty put past troubles behind them and reunited.

anniet.jpg- Annie found herself trapped in a stormdrain after searching for a missing VJ and was rescued by Charlie.

melodyedition5.jpg- The school formal turned into a disaster when, having taken drugs, Melody shut the doors of the hall and wandered into the middle of the road, causing Kane's car to smash into the hall with Jai and Annie also inside the vehicle.


angelog.jpg- Suspecting he was being followed at the development site, a terrified Angelo shot his gun after hearing gunshots. Unbeknownst to him, his victim was his friend and fellow cop, Jack Holden.

belleadeno.jpg- Back at the school formal venue, Belle was suffering from severe back pain and had to be carried to safety by Aden.

marthaangelo.jpg- Unaware that she was seeking comfort in the arms of her husband's killer, Martha grieved for Jack.

xgh.jpg- Following Xavier Austin's arrival in late 2008, we saw his%2