What's Been happening in Home and Away? (November - December)

 Matthew posed as 'Skye' on a chat room. When Ruby found out, she got revenge by filming him skinny dipping. After this Matthew retaliated by sticking her diary pages around the school.


Ross decided he wanted to move away from the Bay with Morag before his health deteriorated further.


Melody moved into Summer Bay House


Bridget continued to come up with ideas for expanding the Bait Shop business.

Belle.jpgThe development site saga continued. Annie and Jai found traces of Arsenic in samples from a school science project. When Aden and Belle discovered arsenic was a carcinogen, Belle consulted Rachel and began to count up the Summer Bay residents who had cancer over the years. Aden stole incriminating info from the development site and was later sacked, while Belle received a call saying her boyfriend had been injured. Belle instinctively went to see Aden, not realizing that it was in fact Angelo who had been attacked.


The tension between Aden and Belle continued to rise.


Kirsty discovered her client at the hospital function was none other than Martin Bartlett!


Meeting up with Dane, Tony and Rachel discovered Joe had died from an infection. Tony later told Rachel he wanted them to have a baby together.


Aden spoke out about his past at his court case after some encouragement from Belle.



Nicole's mum Natalie arrived in the Bay.


Bartlett gave Kirsty money. And when Kirsty finally told Miles the truth about Kane, he asked her to move out.


The Nicole/Melody/Geoff triangle heated up. While Melody went OTT as Geoff's campaign manager, Nicole decided to run for school captain too.