What's been happening in Home and Away? (September - October)

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Miles and Kirsty became a couple
Love was also in the air for teens Jai and Annie
Rachel went missing the night before the wedding, leaving Tony devastated and her friends wondering where she was
Roman, Nicole and Geoff felt the full force of Elliot's revenge plan
Jack and Martha decided to get married again, but tragedy struck when she collapsed and was told she'd lost the baby
In two immensely powerful episodes, Aden held his dad, Rachel and then-girlfriend Belle hostage
Aden was admitted to a psych clinic and was surprised to find Melody Jones there
Bridget Simmons arrived in the Bay from Broken Hill
Tony and Rachel agreed to spend some time apart after he revealed that him and Bridget were together while he was away
Charlie reunited with Roman after her date on the beach with Angelo
Dozens turned up to support the carnival in aid of raising money for breast cancer research