Tutorial of the Month (July - August)

This is a new tidbit for the interactive feature. Staff have selected a tutorial from the Art Section that deserves a mention. This tutorial was made by Emma (Emsan). Congratulations for Emma for such wonderful work!

Step 1
Make new canvas that's 400x150 px then paste your black and white image. Your image can be in color too but then you won't get this effect. So do as you want.

Step 2
Okay now I made some clipping masks on mine but you don't have to do that if you feel that it's complicated. I think that I even won't explain it. On this sig, you don't even see it on the finished product. So forget it.

Make a new layer and brush with various flower brushes on it white light gray color. Like this:

Step 3
Now take a lot of icon sized light textures and paste them on new layers all the time. Put all the layers on linear dodge. I moved them around and erased them until I thought it looked good. You can also change the opacity on some of them.

Step 4
your image (ctrl+shift+alt+e). Blur the skin of your person on this stamped layer with the blur tool set on Strenght: 100%. I may have made it a bit lighter too. Do that by going to layer>new adjustment layer>curves. Like this:

Step 5
Stamp your image again (ctrl+shift+alt+e). On this stamped layer use the burn tool to darken some areas just to give it some depth. I darkened some areas around the flowers.

Step 6
Stamp your image again (ctrl+shift+alt+e). this time you are going to draw with a soft brush. Draw a line in neon color around the persons head. I drew with a blue color around the top of Matilda's head.

Step 7
Stamp your image again (ctrl+shift+alt+e). This time you are going to add a lightning effect. Use the defult one and then make it light above the person. The sig should now darken a bit on the edges.

Step 8
Now make a gray rectangle beside Matilda's head on the left side. I made it tn the same gray as the background. Make this on a new layer. Look on the left of her.

Step 9
Add some text above that rectangle. Like this:

Step 10
Add a border on a new layer and then some more light textures, just to make it look more complete. This is how mine looks like now:

Still one more step though.

Step 11
Stamp your image (ctrl+shift+alt+e). Go to filter>sharpen>sharpen and then you can erase those parts that looks too sharpened.