The Surf Club

North Palm Beach Surf Club stands in Governer Phillip Park on the world renowned Palm Beach, but to many it is only known as 'Summer Bay Surf Lifesaving Club', due to it's 19 year use in the show.

Thousands of tourists a week go along to visit the site, many of which are from the UK, to take their pictures in front of the famous Summer Bay Surf Club sign with Alf Stewart's name on it.

Despite that, many people do not realise that the building itself is in fact a fully functional Surf Club, patrolling the beach during the summer months and that it is reliant on voluntary membership.

The Surf Club also operates a kiosk virtually 7 days a week, which provides cappuccino's, pies, hot dogs, drinks, and Ice Creams to any visitors. The funds from this goes straight back into the club in order to buy vital Rescue Equipment.

The club are always looking for new recruits to join the "Summer Bay Surf Club", and are even offering free membership to those who enrol as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. Even if you're not involved in the Awards you can still enrol at the Club as a volunteer to help keep the beach a safe place.

On Sunday 24th September the club held a Family Open Day. Whilst there people were able to see how the club operated and had the opportunity to sign up. The club was able to increase its membership by 70% which was a huge achievement!


On the 9th and 10th October, new junior recruits were initiated on an SRC Training Camp, and fortunately for them the cast and crew were in Palmie filming at the time!

They got to rub shoulders with Alf Stewart who congratulated the gang on joining the club...

Kim and Rachel where they were were able to hand out some relationship advice...

...and then the boys urged Belle to try dating a "nice, cleancut teenager for one of us!"

The guys were also able to meet up with Kate Ritchie, and thanked her for helping to promote the Surf Club on a radio station 2 weeks previously.

After completing the training, in late November all the new recruits attended a presentation day where they were presented with their caps.

Remember to check out the Palm Beach webcam, where you can view the goings-on on the beach 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world courtesy of CoastalWatch - if you're lucky you may even catch the H&A crew filming between Mondays and Wednesdays!

You can also view the latest news from the Surf Club at it's official site

NPBSC Open Day Poster (Right Click and 'Save Target/Link as' to download):

Many thanks to Paul O'Keefe of North Palm Beach Surf Club