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Summerland is a new Summer Filler over in America, featuring Home and Away's very own Ryan Kwanten (Vinnie). Rachael Smith tells us what she thought of the Pilot Episode:

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Summerland premiered in the US, on Tuesday, June 1st, 2004, on the WB network.  The show is centered around an aunt, Ava (Lori Loughlin), whose two nephews and a niece come to live with her in California after the death of their parents. This creates quite an interesting situation, 3 kids from Kansas, living on a farm, moving to the beach in California with 4 singles adults, who very much have lives of their own. The pilot of the show has some wonderful emotional scenes, but plenty of comic moments too. Fans of the Aussie and Home and Away alumni, Ryan Kwanten, will not be disappointed. Ryan plays one of the housemates, Jay. He is pretty much a "surfer dude", who runs a surf shop, and at one point, we even said that he "is" Vinnie! Maybe he did escape from the fire in Home and Away after all, and went to California , and changed his name! Surprisingly for an Australian actor in the US, Ryan is allowed to keep his Australian accent. I don't know if this was his choice or the producers'.

Ryan Kwanten

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 Ryan Kwanten (far left)

Summerland is not disappointing, and looks like it has all the elements to become a great show!