Summer Bay Weddings


With Sally and Brad currently engaged on UK screens and the countdown to their wedding beginning, BTTB have been doing our own research into Summer Bay weddings. We'll be counting down our forum member's favourite weddings out of the twenty three on screen, completed weddings and also exploring weddings in general.


Till death do us part? 
We start our weddings feature by exploring whether a Summer Bay wedding actually leads to happily ever after. 


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 Rules of Engagement

In the second update to our weddings feature we take a look at the couples who didn't actually make it as far as the aisle.


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I don't

We take a look at the couples who made it to the ceremony but never took their vows.


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23 - 21

We count down the weddings with a look at the bottom end of the list... 23 - 21.


kimthum.jpg20 - 16

The countdown continues.




15 - 11

Nearing the top ten, find out which weddings ranked 15 - 11.




10 - 6

we reveal the weddings that came in 10 - 6.




The wedding in 5th place is...




In 4th place...





The third placed wedding..



The Runner up

The wedding in second place...



and_the_winner_is.jpgthe winning wedding...

First place in our forum poll is...





Brad and Sally

to finish our wedding feature, our forum members give their views on the wedding that never was.