Summer Bay Newbies (Jan - Feb)

Xavier Austin
The first of the Austin family to make their arrival, Xavier made his debut in late 2008 as Tony's wayward nephew. It didn't take long for him to get himself on the wrong side of the law, as we discovered in his first episode that he was in possesion of drugs. We later saw him getting drunk at a late night party, to which his cop cousin Jack was not impressed.

Before arriving in the Bay, Xavier looked after his disabled brother Brendan. Though he had the best of intensions, he found himself getting into drugs to pay for things around the house - this causing a great deal of friction between the family. With his brother Hugo often away diving, Xavier had a lot to take on at an early age and continues to be at loggerheads with him for 'abandoning' them. Some relief from family tension came in the form of Ruby Buckton, who seemed taken with Xavier the second she saw him. But with his ex Freya now back in his life, it looks like testing times are ahead for the young couple.

Freya Duric
Quite simply: she doesn't hold back. If it's in her best interests, she'll go for it. Though she claims to never intentionally set out to hurt others, she's already left a trail of destruction in her wake - and she's barely been in town five minutes! Arriving in the Bay to 'catch up' with ex Xavier, she's so far got her claws into him, his brother Hugo and a random guy, and it doesn't look like she's finished yet...

Gina Austin
We only saw Tony's sister's Gina for a few episodes after Jack's death but we didn't need any time to work out that she'd had a tough life. Separated from her husband Jeremy, she had to juggle a son being away a lot of the time along with coping with her youngest son Xavier, who is currently under Freya's "really bad influence" as well as caring for her disabled son Brendan, who is very close to Xavier. Though the stress increased when Hugo returned for Jack's funeral, it was obvious that Gina loved all her boys very much.

Hugo Austin
He's only been on UK screens for a couple of weeks but charming batchelor Hugo has already started to integrate into the community and has even agreed to go into business with Alf! Things aren't always going well for diving instuctor and globe trotter Hugo, though, especially when his younger brother Xavier is concerned. The two siblings have been in an array of disputes since their arrival over everything from Hugo's not being at home when his mum and brother needed him to Hugo giving Xavier a rocket when he discovered him drunk with Ruby, having opened a champagne bottle from Jack's 21st that was going to be used to 'christen' his boat with Tony. And now with Xavier's unpredictable ex Freya back on the scene, it looks like Hugo and his brother have many more arguments ahead of them.