Summer Bay Newbies (September - October)

Elliot Gillen

Elliot first appeared at Roman's front door, answered by Nicole, and introduced himself as looking to 'catch up' with Roman. It was soon revealed that Elliot's brother Mark had been in the SAS, with Roman, but had been killed. Elliot wanted answers as to why his brother had been killed, and with the second anniversary of his brother's death approaching, Elliot sought out Roman to give him those answers. He'd heard the official enquiry and now he wanted the real version of events. Roman's.

Roman explained that, during his time in the SAS, himself,Mark and the rest of the men in the unit had been ambushed and out-numbered by the enemy, they became separated and, once they met at their designated point, Mark had been lost and presumed killed. They had wanted to go back for him, but Roman made the decision not to risk anymore lives by doing so.

Elliot didn't accept what Roman and the official enquiry into his brother's death had told him, so despite seeming to accept what he'd been told, he embarked on a much dissaproved of relationship with Nicole. Roman heavily disliked his daughter having anything to do with someone like Elliot, who brought up his guarded and painful past.

Roman's warnings fell on deaf ears and Nicole considered herself his girlfriend, but it soon turned nasty and Nicole split from Elliot. Elliot, driven by his anger and grief, set about detailed and very carefully thought out game of 'cat and mouse' with Roman. He kidnapped Nicole and left a ransom DVD for Roman, who had to drink a flask of liquid or he would never see Nicole again. Roman had taken away who was most important in his life, and he was going to do the same to Roman!

Here are the thoughts from some members on Elliot:

'Elliot's borderline-interesting. I misunderstood his introduction - I thought Roman actually knew him. He seems to be holding a quiet but potentially dangerous grudge over his brother's death. That should end well. Incidentally, Elliot kind of reminds me of Will.' (emmasi)

'I think you are right about Elliott. He looks like Corey.I love revenge mad psycho killers.This could be good.' (Corey)

'Actually psychologically speaking it was completely realistic and if they had gone down the I'm not telling you anything route and turned Elliott into a Zoe type revenge character I would have been very disappointed. When you look at Elliott's history and his motivation his capitulation was totally in character. From what we have learned in recent weeks he was ignored and emotionally neglected by rich parents and hero worshiped his brother. He put Mark on a pedestal; he has been focused solely on this notion that his brother was the supreme hero who could no wrong and who was let down by his mates, most notably Roman. He has been single minded and meticulous in his desire to exact what he logically saw as retribution. Roman had in fact been protecting his brother's memory but he had not wanted to see that, preferring to believe in the super hero he had created in his head. He had no reason or motivation to continue. The myth he had created around his brother was shattered he was beaten; the lost boy who had been clinging obsessively to his brother's memory, albeit an idealised one, emerged and we saw him break down. It was powerful and effective and was totally in keeping with what we know.' (chatter-box)

(With thanks to Jack Wilkins)

Angelo Rosetta

Constable Angelo Rosetta appeared out of nowhere. So far we don't know anything about his background, where he comes from or who he is. He appeared at the police station to partner and to annoy Charlie whilst Jack was off taking care of Martha.

What we do know is that he is a bit of a cheeky chappy and has some cheesy chat up lines. He is an incorrigible flirt who seems always to smile and never have a cross word for anyone. He is nice to everyone, even when Colleen calls him Constable Risotto. He has dated Charlie, after taking his shirt off to rescue Earl and setting many a female (and male) heart a flutter in the process, and offered her some much needed relationship advice regarding Roman.

Some think he's cocky, while other's think he's just got an endless amount of confidence. Whichever category he fits into, he's striked up a large fanbase on the forum (...with the girls especially):

'He's refreshing to watch, as he's a happy, fun-loving and charming character, and it seems he comes with no secrets, dramas or issues (well atm anyway!). He very much has a Vinnie-esque vibe to him and makes me smile everytime he's onscreen. I love the 'supercop'. He's got a great personality and looks very hot in that uniform.' (Anaya)

'I wish we new more about his background but his one liners are great.' (Corey)

'I'd love for his character to be explored more, like his past, where he comes from etc. I remember from his first episode the impression was given that Angelo is from the Bay, he didn't just show up a couple of months ago and join the police force, he had already been working as a cop in Summer Bay off-screen.' (DinerLandlord)

'Angelo is a bit of a funny guy. But he's so cocky. But I guess we need a new cocky character.' ( bay girl)

'Angelo was rather sweet with Charlie, and whilst he is undoubtedly an incorrigible flirt, he is right that Roman is not treating Charlie with any degree of respect.' (Bareenfan)

'I officially love Angelo. He was funny and sensitive and laughed at himself as well as being a flirt. He was cool with Charles and a big softie with Belle.' (I Love Sam)

'... He is actually more mature and caring than most of the men in The Bay. He has a better understanding of relationships than either Roman or Tony for starters!' (Jimbo)

'Angelo is awesome. I love him already. He's cheeky and he's got tickets on himself, he makes me smile.' (Jamey-Maria)

(With thanks to Eduardo Bearo)