Summer Bay Newbies (July - August)

Charlie Buckton
She's one of the latest additions to the cast, immediately stirred up discussion with members  and has a no-nonsense approach to her job. Who are we talking about? Yep, you guessed it. Charlie Buckton. The newest cop in town didn't really look as if she was going to have many friends when she first arrived, as she quickly got off on the wrong foot with her father's partner, Morag, the town gossip, Colleen, and fellow cop Jack. Even her father, Ross, didn't get off without a grilling. However, she's slowly but surely starting to settle into Bay life and has made a few new friends along the way. She's even started a relationship with Roman Harris. But, as is the norm with any new arrival, there's bound to be more drama ahead...

jai.jpgJai Fernandez
Troubled 15-year-old Jai hasn't had the easiest start in life. All of his immediate family were killed in the Phuket tsunami and he was then put into foster care. Miles, who also lost his family in the tsunami, got to know Jai during the tragedy and told him that he would look after him. However, Miles started to go off the rails after the death of his wife and daughter and, when he started to get his life back on track, had no idea of where Jai was. But tracking down his records with the help of Morag, Miles was able to locate Jai and found him at a refuge. Jai was eventually convinced to move to the Bay and is now living at the place where all kids go in Summer Bay - Summer Bay House. Jai's starting to settle in well; however, it looks like it'll take just a little while longer before he starts calling Summer Bay 'home'. 

ruby.jpgRuby Buckton
Members were anxious to see what Charlie's sister would be like, and with good reason too! Ruby's sister had built up quite a reputation by then and we were all keen to find out whether she was another 'Miss Trouble'. However, a pleasant surprise was in store. 15-year-old Ruby wasn't who we thought she would be. Cheeky, fun and mature for her age, the show's newest arrival has made plenty of friends in the Bay and has built up quite a fan base on the forum. Ruby hasn't been involved in many storylines yet; however, we recently saw her break up from her boyfriend, Pat. Pat knew that his relationship with Ruby wasn't going to last, so they parted but left on good terms.