Summer Bay Newbies (March - June)

Summer Bay Newbies

2008 has seen a wealth of new characters arrive in the Bay and considering the amount of departures, that's just as well! All the 'newbies' have been received by the viewers in very different ways, so here we get the general vibe on what the members make of the newest residents to tread the sands of Summer Bay.

Miles "Milco" Copeland

He came to the Bay a derelict in need of a place to go and some fresh clothes, but he has gained a whole lot more than that. Not only has he managed to get a whole new wardrobe and a shave out of it, he's also been reunited with his twin sister Sally! Before that, Miles revealed that his wife and daughter had been killed in the Phuket tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004, which caused him to give up work and live on the streets. In true Summer Bay style, Sally welcomed Miles into her home and made him feel welcome. After spending time with him, she knew they had a connection but she just didn't know why. When all was revealed, Sally was ecstatic to have found her brother. Having settled in the Bay, Miles has recently taken on a teaching job at Summer Bay High and seems to be getting on well with the students, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Miles' friendly and caring nature is popular among SBH students and his continually growing fan base also indicates that he is popular with the viewers too.

"I continue to love Miles. His character is so innocent and he's just... so likeable." (Cerise)

"He's completely defied the expectation I had of him. For some reason, I was expecting to hate him, but he's just so lovely!" (xGlowingAngelx)

"He was the best new addition in 2007 by far, although Roman and Aden are great also."(DinerLandlord)

"I find his character really enjoyable. Very different to other characters that have been and gone on H&A. I hope to continue to see a development in his character."(Truthisrealfreedom)

Roman Harris

First seen in the Diner, Roman now works in the Diner. He's a cook, he's been in the SAS and the general opinion is that he's a very nice character. Only a few bad words have been said about him (on here, anyway!) and everyone else seems to like him. That's the viewers, though. A certain Irene Roberts didn't exactly feel the same way when he first arrived. Their personalities clashed and all in all, they didn't really get on. However, a few weeks later and a plate of Roman's lasagne later, her opinion of him changed, and they now get on fairly amicably. Roman is quite private and likes to keep his personal life to himself.

Here's what some of the forum members think of him -

"I really like him! He has been a breath of fresh air in my opinion." (ILuvCharlotte)

"He so far seems like an average down to earth guy with good sense of humor. Nice change to characters coming in with loads of complicated baggage." (Nate)

"His character doesn't suit being a partner in the Diner and the storylines he's been involved in don't seem right to me."(Hodgo4)

"I am really happy that (so far) Roman doesn't have a dark and dirty background like every other new comer to the bay."(Truthisrealfreedom)

"I get the feeling he's got a hidden agenda - he's very quickly making himself indispensable to Summer Bay, but sooner or later someone is going to come to the bay to 'get him' for things he's done in the past..."(Miranda)

Aden Jeffries

I think it's fair to say that Aden, by all accounts, is a deep character. His history isn't really known and we don't know that much about his home life. All of that makes for intriguing television. However, we do know that he was first on our screens in 2005 and back then, was a guest. Now that he's been added to the credits, it looks like we're going to be seeing a lot more of him.

So what do some of the members make of this deep and unique character? -

"I wish I could hate Aden because, last year at least, he was a complete bully, and I detest people like that. However he's extremely charismatic, which makes him hard to not like. I would usually sympathize with victims of bullying, but with Geoff and Annie and even Lucas, when Aden was harassing them, I just couldn't identify with them or feel any sympathy. Maybe that makes me cruel, but all I could think was something is up with Aden to make him act that way."(DinerLandlord)

"I love the fact that Aden is such a complex character, he has so many layers that you would have to peel back to find the real person. Although he acts tough, you can tell that deep down he is crying for someone to reach him."(mrs baker)

"He's a fresh, new character that we as yet don't know a lot about. I'm really keen and excited to find out about him and Todd, as you said, brings emotion to his acting and I can only imagine this will increase the more we see of him. If he keeps this up, I could see a Logie nomination coming his way.....possibly." (JackWilkins)

Morag Bellingham

returned for yet another extended guest stint but unlike with her previous appearances, this time she has taken up residency and not with family. Her new dynamic as parent to the dysfunctional Aden and Nicole at Roman's house has seen her be given her own storylines and really develop as a character. Detective Ross Buckton, bought in to investigate Sam's murder and the obvious history between the two of them seems to be giving her a storyline in her own right. Her current feud with Martha and her hate/hate relationship with Colleen are all opening up a lot of storyline potential for Morag and the superb actress that is Cornelia Frances is doing justice to everything she is given.

"I love Morag! She is so witty and I love her sharp tongue and some of the things she say or just the way she looks at someone cracks me up!!" (sallyannj)

"Yay for Morag! She should be in every episode, even if all she does is roll her eyes at Colleen. Good to see her getting a decent storyline, and a possibly even better one to come if Ross makes good on his offer of dinner! She's been a reactive character for so long, it'll be good to see her do something that doesn't involve getting some idiot (no names mentioned, Jack and Martha) off a trumped-up charge." (legal eagle)

"I love her feisty-ness - she is very smart and speaks her mind. I love how she just has to work things out and piece together the bits of the puzzle." (moonpie)

Nicole Harris

Love her or hate her? Roman's princess daughter is self absorbed, selfish, spoilt, snobbish and a complete and utter brat who once again has our forum members divided. Love her or hate her, few can argue with the fact that Nicole is different to the usual run of the mill teen and is both interesting and fun to watch. Played by a talented young actress she has fitted well into a twisted sexual/ brother sister type role with Aden, the femme fatale around Geoff and the idol in the eyes of Annie. Despised by the coven of Irene and Belle and under the watchful eye of an unconvinced Morag, Nicole continues to wind Daddy Roman round her little finger with a mixture of manipulation and vulnerability.

"I quite like Nicole. She's quite mischievous and I like that in a character." (-Louise-)

"I think Tessa James Is great Actress, but I don't like her character. She needs to grow up and stop thinking everything is about her." (MissOlivia22)

"Please someone tell me I am not the only one who absolutely detests Nicole Franklin. IMO she has absolutely NO redeeming qualities. She is a liar, a manipulator and has absolutely no morals. Everytime she comes on I feel like throwing something at the telly!" (kitty_baby777)

"At the moment she really annoys me, walking round acting like a princess. Maybe if she calms down a bit I will change my mind about her, but at the moment she's too high maintenance for my liking." (mrs baker)

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