Storyline Spotlight - Aden/Belle/Angelo (Nov - Dec)

AdenBelleAngeloBanner.jpgFollowing the hostage situation between Belle, Rachel and his Father, Aden was sent as condition of his bail to a clinic for treatment. In the aftermath of this, Belle found comfort and support from Angelo - the new local cop in the bay - with whom she'd already been on one date with.

Aden persistently asked to see Belle, despite telling Roman who had asked her to go and see him, that what they had had gone during that fateful day. However, Belle did find the emotional strength to go and see Aden in the Police Station, where she told him she couldn't be with someone who wasn't even sorry for what they'd done.

Determined to move on, Belle found herself still in thought about Aden. Wondering how he was coping at the clinic, she went to see him to offer her support and help - only as a friend, however. If that was what he needed to get better, then that was what she'd do.

With this clear between the two of them, Belle was determined to move on from Aden and embarked on a new relationship with Angelo. They soon hit it off and became more serious with each other. It was during a day release from the clinic that Aden, having gone straight to see Belle, caught the two of them kissing.

He then refused visits from Belle, without her knowing why. Once confronted with the news of Belle's new relationship, Aden put on a brave front, that he was happy for her and the last thing he needed with a courtcase looming was a relationship aswell.

Before the courtcase, Belle eventually did see Aden and convinced him to speak up about the abuse he'd suffered from his Grandfather. It was considered that this would keep him out for jail, and that he should do this for himself and no-one else. Bravely, Aden did speak up and during this Angelo could sense the connection between them both. This was even more evident after the courtcase, when Belle and Aden admitted to still having deep feelings for each other. This was cut short, however, by Angelo checking up on Belle.

Aden, resenting her relationship and always calling Angelo 'Super-Cop', had found a sworn enemy with Angelo, who seemed to out of his way to make Aden's progress back in the community that bit more difficult.

It was when Belle started to investigate the local development site and scandal surrounding a possible link between toxic waste being dumped there and Cancer cases in the bay that her relationship with the two men became more and more entangled.

During a protest Belle was arrested by Angelo, who, using his position, managed to turn a blind eye to this. Belle, albeit unconciously, found herself with a very useful ally in her investigation. Angelo was in a position to give her information, as and when she might need it. They continued to date aswell, but it was clear Belle's heart belonged to Aden.

And soon Aden began to work for the developers and became another useful contact for Belle, helping her to stake the place out and even stealing a copy of the plans from the site for her, risking and losing his own job in the process!

Not long after this Belle began to receive threats from the developers warning her and her boyfriend to keep well away. She got one threat which suggested her boyfriend had had an accident and was asking for her. Without even thinking she assumed this was Aden and rushed to his side to find the claim was false, or so she thought. It was only when Angelo turned up having been attacked that she realised they meant him, not Aden.

Belle and Aden soon realised they were meant to be together and started an affair whilst Angelo was recovering in Hospital. Ever meaning to tell Angelo, Belle could never find the 'right time' and they continued to see each other despite her growing guilt.

It was after another threat that Belle rushed into the arms of Aden, only to see them being watched by Angelo. Who, armed with what he'd seen and also her phone records which he'd found the most called number was Aden's, confronted and humliated them both at the local town meeting, to address concerns about the possible cancer link.

Here are some thoughts on Belle/Aden/Angelo from some of our members...

Depending on how long we have these wonderful writers (is forever too much to hope?) I don't think there's much to worry about. If Belle and Angelo get together, I don't think that Aden will react with petty jealousy. The reason he did before is because Belle didn't know the whole story and it was frustrating him that he didn't have the guts to tell her. This time she knows everything - way too much about what he's capable of - and I think Aden will be more likely to accept that this mistake might just be too big for him to expect her to come back. I hope that's how it works out anyway, and he concentrates on trying to win her trust back as a friend. (emmasi)

I think Belle felt gulity about cheating on Angelo but was too afraid to break up with Angelo. I dont think it was because she was gutless but she felt like she didnt have a good encough reason to break up with him. At first Belle didnt want to cheat and refused but gave in. If Belle was to break up with Angelo after he was bashed and ended up in hosptial how would Belle tell him, a guy who has been so sweet to her. I want to break up with you, I want to be with Aden, the guy who kidnapped me and tried to kill his father and then ended up in a pysho clinic. How do you explain that to someone without hurting them lol...

She wanted Angelo on her good side purely for his police connections and that meant sleeping with him to keep him.

I fail to see how it's all Aden's fault. Everyone had a part in it, Angelo just didn't want to see that Belle didn't want him, Aden couldn't keep out of it, but Belle is the worst of them all. She knew exactly what she was doing because she had done exactly the same thing to Lucas last year.

After everything she's done, I can't feel sympathetic for Belle. She brought it on herself.

With thanks to JackWilkins.