Relationship spotlight - Tony and Rachel (Mar - June)

Tony & Rachel

You would have thought after last year's romance dramas for Tony and Rachel would have put them off relationships for a while. After Rachel's dealings with intern Lewis and Tony with Jazz floundered, this potential couple was introduced to viewers in the opening weeks of 2008, after Rachel had been held hostage by the delusional Rev. Hall. Tony was there to support Rachel, building on their friendship as neighbours. But alas, straight into a love triangle they went, albeit a quick one, with newcomer Roman vying for Rachel's affections, with them even sharing a kiss. But Tony won out, with the two deciding to move forward slowly after their previous relationships. After a 'non-date' and a kiss, things slowly started to come together for these two. Tony showed some initial concern with their age difference but Rachel proved it didn't bother her by planting a kiss on him! And thus 'Tachel' was born and for a while indulged in a drama free relationship, but it wouldn't be Summer Bay without complications, with blew into Summer Bay in the form of Jazz Curtis, Tony's ex intent on winning him back. With Jazz now living at Tony's, who knows what could happen?

"I'm going to go off on a tangent and paint a picture of Tachel so far, showing that they aren't rushing into their new life together - so please bear with me.
Imagine that Tachel is like a house and we'll call it "the House of Tachel". The foundations have already been there for more than two years through their on-going friendship. It's a strong friendship that has weathered all the elements - nothing can damage it as it is made of concrete. Next is the structure of the house - which symbolises the growing "Tachel" friendship. This structure has been gradually growing and strengthening - through the good times and the bad times; they have been there for each other (with or without their prospective partners) and have also been around to help each other out in times of crisis/lending a helping hand. With each new storyline the structure continues to grow." (Quiet Achiever)

"It would be very boring if they were too happy and didn't have to deal with any issues. Like we have mentioned before there are plenty of situations that could be thrown at them but I won't go on about them again. Also, like I have said many times before, the last thing I want to happen with Tony and Rachel is turn into Tony and Beth. i.e. background characters with no storylines of their own." (Karena)

"Smooth sailing is OK in theory but in this case it would be a little dull and they could turn into Beth and Tony.... who lets face it, didn't exactly set the screen on fire after their initial falling out. I didn't mind their relationship at the time but it hindsight it was rather bored and monotonous. Don't get me wrong I want Tony and Rachel's relationship to develop in the long term but I think without a few stresses along the way it would leave viewers bored and uninterested. The phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" springs to mind.... I think relationships have to have some trials and tribulations to make them stronger." (Karena)

"I love them together! I wasn't sure if I'd like it when I first heard it was on the agenda, but I gave in and watched and I totally fell for it. If there are 2 people in the bay that deserve some luck it's those 2. And they seem to be so comfortable with each other." (GlowingAngel)