November Quiz

1. What actress played a blind girl in Neighbours?
2. What happened in the 2000 Olympic Cliffhanger? 
3. In what episode did Sally leave Summer Bay? 
4. What actor who died in January 2008 played a small part in Home & Away in the 90s?
5. What are the names of Tony's three sons? 

1. Who did the caravan park belong to before the Fletchers moved to the Bay?
2. When Sally left the gas on, who unintentionally blew up a caravan with a cigar in 1995?
3. Which mother and son, who arrived in 2001, secretly set up home in one of the disused caravans? 
4. What happened to little Pippa when she was playing there in 2007?
5. Who was responsible for the fire that occurred there in 2009? 

1. What recreational sport was Kirsty into when she first arrived in the bay?
2. Who was Kirsty's first boyfriend?
3. What was the school play that Kirsty directed?
4. What is the name of her 'real' twin sister?
5. What did she do so she could earn more money for Kane's appeal? 

1. Jesse was nearly married twice only for the service to be interrupted. Who to?
2. When did Jesse first mention his daughter Rachel?
3. What sort of business did Jesse and Alf set up together?
4. Who did he entrust Rachel to when he went on the run?
5. Who aborted Jesse's child without telling him she was pregnant?

What year did this happen in the final episode:

1. Shane discovers Angel has a child? 
2. Tasha leaves for the Believers? 
3. Fin is trapped underwater? 
4. Irene and Flynn find out Tasha's birth mother?
5. Travis and Rebecca marry? 

Please PM your answers to Quizmaster before November 30, 2009.