Most Popular Character 08 - The Results


MPC08.JPGWell, we've calculated the result of our biennial contest, written the biographies, found the pictures so hear are the results.

1 - Who is the bride?
2 - And who is the bridesmaid?
3 - BTTB don't do bronze medals, but if we did...
4 - 4 is said to be unlucky in Japan. This character is not Japanese.
5 - Check out who finished bottom of the top 5.
6-10 - Those who finished between 6th and 10th
11-15 - Those who finished between 11th and 15th
16-20 - Those who finished between 16th and 20th
21-35 - Those who finished between 21st and 35th
36-49 - Those who finished between 36th and 49th.
50-59 - Those who finished between 50th and 59th.
60-69 - Those who finished in the 60's.
5 and 6 points - We continue our progress towards the winner.
3 and 4 points - Those who scored 3 and 4 points.
2 points - These people got twice as many points as the characters below, so they must be twice as good, right?
1 point - We start at the bottom, so here's everyone that scored 1 point.

Bevan's Thoughts - Bevan Lee tells us what he thinks of the results.
Thank You List -  A record of everyone who voted!