Home & Away Round Up - March and April

The Poulous family arrived in town to celebrate Leah's 30th birthday.

After downing just a little too much booze, a light-headed Leah shared a drunken pash with friend and workmate Roman, before throwing up over his shirt!

Tensions ran high between Martha and Roman after Hugo said that Roman was in love with her.

Martha underwent breast reconstruction surgery.

With her car falling apart, her boyfriend too busy learning the ropes of his new job to return phone calls and article deadlines looming, Belle turned to painkillers for comfort.

Freya's arrival in town caused problems for Xavier, Nicole, Belle, Ruby and Hugo.

After an argument with Kane saw him run off with Ollie, Kirsty made a return to the Bay, much to Miles's surprise.

Following the death of her grandmother, Melody and Christine reconciled and left the Bay.

Geoff and Nicole clashed when Nicole voted for Trey's idea for Dan's leagacy over his, with Geoff mentioning that she throws herself at every guy she sees.

Tony and Rachel's relationship was put to the test when Rachel thought her fiance was having an affair. It turned out he was just spending all his time working on Jack's boat.

The prawn trawler became home to workplace bullying, with Robbo's attitude causing Joey to go overboard.

Aden was suprised to see Belle's moods go from rock bottom to sky high. Unbeknowst to him, her drug addiction was fueling them.

A tug of war for Ollie ensued between Kirsty and Kane.

Summer Bay's singles indulged in a spot of speed dating thanks to Colleen!

Nicole, Jai, Annie, Geoff and Belle headed to a concert and Belle was offered drugs by the singer, Liam Murphy.

Joey opened up to Aden and revealed that Robbo raped her on the day he left her alone with him in the cabin.

After an emotional struggle to let go, Martha packed Jack's clothes to give away.

Following some encouragement from Charlie, Joey agreed to press charges against Robbo.

Martha and Tony discovered that Angelo's case wouldn't be going to court.

Irene went on a date with Lou but she had concerns about telling him she was an alcoholic.

Hugo found Martha unconscious on the beach after she took the boat out on her own, not realising a storm was on its way.

Nicole and Geoff's trip back to 'the' island turned to a nightmare when they met a strange man, Derrick.

Trey took a shine to Kirsty and managed to manipulate her into tutoring him.

Martha decided to buy Geoff and Annie's old farm with Jack's life insurance money.

Roman and Leah found themselves attracted to one another but neither was willing to admit to it.

Belle continued popping pills but Rachel and Aden finally realised something was wrong.

Tony surprised Rachel by proposing to her at the hospital.

Joey's brother Brett found out about her sexuality and kicked her out of the family home. Charlie then invited her to stay at Leah's.

Irene confessed to Lou about her past but, to her surprise, he was very understanding but their relationship was put on hold following interference from his ex wife Donna.

Geoff broke up with Nicole after they discovered they are too different.

Brendan was over the moon to see Xavier again when he and his mother came to visit.

Leah was worried about VJ, who seemed down about not having a father figure in his life, so she asked Roman to spend some time with him.

Trey decided to make a pass at Kirsty but she told him nothing was going to happen between them and said she had to stop tutoring him.

Xavier was happy when Brendan bonded with Ruby and the rest of his friends.

Charlie and Joey continued to get closer and Charlie was concerned about the strength of her feelings for Joey.

Leah and Roman finally admitted their attraction to each other and embarked upon a relationship.

Miles and Kirsty got back together and Kirsty moved back into the caravan park house but their happiness was shortlived when Trey told Bartlett he and Kirsty were in a relationship.

Robbo tried to drown Joey but Charlie saved her in the nick of time. Later, Joey and Charlie shared a kiss.

The Summer Bay residents rallied around to help Martha on the farm.

Aden discovered Belle's drug addiction after she pawned the necklace he gave her.

Thanks to Annie, Irene and Lou got back together and set sail on Lou's yacht for an extended sea vacation.

Belle tried to withdraw from drugs and Aden struggled to deal with the situation due to the similaries with his Dad's situation.

Brendan disappeared from Martha's house when Xavier went to a party and ended up using a slingshot to fire a rock at Leah's car, seriously injuring Roman.

Roman remained in a coma while Xavier helped Brendan to cover up the incident.

Charlie rejected Joey so she moved out of Leah's.

The police though that Trey was reponsible for Roman's accident but his alibi caused further problems for Kirsty and Miles.

Aden tried to keep a drug dealer away from Belle but, when Annie found out about her addiction, it caused a rift between them.

Martha employed a new farm hand, Claudia, who turned out to be an old school friend of Geoff's.

Annie told everyone about Belle's drug addiction and Rachel tried to help her but was Belle told her it was under control.

Tony and Rachel finally got married at the farm but the day ended badly when Belle collasped at the reception.

Gina uncovered the truth about Brendan's part in the car accident but the situation caused further tension between Hugo and Xavier.

Belle was rushed to hospital and her stomach was pumped. She still insisted she was fine but Rachel decided to admit her to rehab as an involuntary patient.

Roman woke from his coma but was devastated to discover he was blind. The doctor then told him it was psychological rather than physical.

Xavier confessed to Roman that Brendan was responsible for his accident. Nicole was furious but Roman forgave him.

Charlie and Joey confessed their feelings for one another and their relationship moved to a new level

Roman broke up with Leah as he wanted to deal with his blindness on his own.

Alf revealed that he was going to the US for Duncan's wedding so he enlisted the help of Pippa to help Colleen in the Diner and to keep an eye on Annie and Geoff.

The investigation into Trey and Kirsty's relationship caused tension between Miles, Jai, Kirsty, John and Trey.

Ruby found out about Charlie and Joey's relationship but, after the initial shock, decided to accept them.

Belle struggled to open up in rehab and didn't want to see anyone. However, Pippa's visit helped her to realise that she needed her friends.

After Jai found a old picture of Trey on Facebook, Trey told Miles the truth about everything and dropped the complaint about Kirsty.

Aden decided to break up with Belle and sent her a letter to explain, which left her devastated.