Character Spotlight: Tony Holden (Jan - Feb)


Tony Holden

In 2005 a family consisting of a father and two sons arrived in the Bay - the Holdens. After a somewhat shaky start, the three of them managed to settle into the community well and formed close bonds. Tony and Beth Hunter formed a relationship, while youngest son Lucas dated her daughter Matilda and his big brother Jack entered into what was to be a rollercoaster of a relationship with Alf Stewart's grandaughter Martha. Five years on and we're left with just one of those Holdens, Tony (also known fondly as 'HotDad'!). While Lucas is away trekking in India after leaving for University, his elder son Jack is sadly no longer with us having been shot in the line of duty.

A father to all, Tony would likely come close to being every child's dream parent. Caring, supportive and loving while also there to give guidance and support to those who aren't his flesh and blood, many forum members agree that he embodies a kind and cool nature. His relationship with Rachel - or 'Tachel' to some - has a large fanbase and continues to excite and leave them wondering what awaits.

This is in stark contrast to the days of Tony in 2005, 2006 and 2007, when many viewers commented that he suffered from a lack of material and was given a 'background' part for much of those three years. This didn't stop certain members from supporting and enjoying his character but a surge in storylines has certainly seen a rise in his popularity.

As the final weeks of the last season drew to a close, Tony and Rachel's prayers were answered when they found out they were to become parents. Deliriously happy after an anxious wait following Tony's vasectomy reversal, Rachel had an ultrasound and the couple shared the news with family and friends.

But Tony's world was soon to be shattered when his beloved son Jack was shot. In a horrific and highly emotional scene, Tony discovered him lying lifeless on the grounds of the development site. After losing his wife Kate and his partner Beth, Tony was now left to cope with using yet another loved one - this time, a son.

Upon discovering that Angelo was responsible, Tony engaged in a serious fight with him during Jack's wake, giving him a bloody face and forcing him to admit he was guilty.

With Jack gone, Tony is struggling to come to terms with the hole left in his life. He's been withdrawing from Rachel and the baby, preferring to deal with his greif his way and in his own time and only time will tell whether his reluctance to open up to her will cost him their relationship.

Here we take a brief look at some of our members' comments:

Jon has really been fantastic during the aftermath of Jack's death. He's a really underated actor on H&A, and I wish they'd give him more challenging storylines, more often. And your prediction was spot on Krystal, the speech Tony made at the funeral was the only emotional part throughout today's episode. And I loved the last scene, when he tries to punch the living daylights out of Angelo. He was always regarded as Beth's handbag when she was around, rarely given much to do. Then after Beth's death, he really shone, with the grief stuff & lots of mini storylines that followed. But once again he took a back seat, and it was Rachel & her baby drama's taking over. I really hope he's not forgotten again soon, but given more stuff to sink his teeth in to.

I've never really considered myself a fan of Tony....I was always just meh about him, and to me he was always more of a background character than ever really shining in his own storyline. But these past few days have really made me change my mind. Jon's acting has been amazing! He has really shone throughout, and has been exceptional in conveying all the emotions involved.I hope now Tony does not retreat to the background again, but becomes the focus of some more good storylines where his ability can be shown again.

I understand that he is grieving but I don't like how he is shutting Rachel out. She is trying so hard to be there for him but he just keeps pushing her away. (Danni02)

I think I liked HotDad from the first episode he was in and I loved that speech he gave to the rest of Summer Bay about what happened with the girl that Jack shot and how proud he was of his son. (-Karen-)

As for HotDad, he is a kind hearted, warm and loving man with old fashioned values. He doesn't have many true mates but he respects those around him and speaks his mind when necessary.

I enjoyed his past scenes with Geoff and Annie in his roles as a "father figure" and I do hope that in the forseeable future that there will be more of those type of scenes, whether it be with Annie and Geoff or any other character. He is very wise, patient and good with both adults and teens.