Character Spotlight: Angelo Rosetta (Jan - Feb)


Angelo Rosetta

When Martha was diagnosed with breast cancer, partner Jack understandably needed some time off from the cop shop. This meant there was a gap that needed to be filled at the station, leading to Constable Angelo Rosetta's arrival as his replacement.

At first glance Angelo was the cheeky and flirty type - some say bearing a resemblance to the much-loved Vinnie Patterson. He was also confident, with some believing he had tickets on himself. While some thought he couldn't see past the end of his nose, others were loving his fun, positive attitude.

As is the norm when you enter Summer Bay and find that it's not all sun, sea and attractive people, Angelo's happier streak soon began to waver as he found himself in a love triangle with Belle and Aden. Simply put - Angelo and Belle got together, but Belle still had feelings for Aden and cheated on Angelo, who later exposed the affair at a town meeting and was accused of physically assaulting Belle after she was found battered and bruised at the beach house. Yikes.

With his life in a mess, Angelo turned to booze and Charlie Buckton for comfort. Realizing that everyone was turning on him, he did a dodgy deal with developer Tim Coleman. To clear his name of the assault charges against Belle, Angelo would switch the soil samples for Tim, meaning the investigation against the developers would be dropped as they would have no concrete evidence. The plan begin with. Jack, who'd been increasingly wary of Angelo's dealings throughout the process, became further interested when it was revealed that Angelo's cousin John White had been used to pay Eric Nobb's bail. With no link to the case, why would this cousin of Angelo's be involved if there was nothing fishy going on? That, along with a million other things, was what Jack wanted to know.

Not able to let go of his suspicions any longer, Jack followed Angelo to the development site. In hoping to find out the truth, Jack's life was lost as a gun-wielding Angelo turned around and fired after hearing shots aimed at him.

Angelo was shocked when he realized he had shot Jack. In a moment of desperation, he left Jack for dead. After a few traumatic moments at home, Angelo responded to Charlie's emergency call and he turned up to the fire at the school formal. He ended up rescuing Martha from the flames, and quickly disappeared after doing so.

After Tony found Jack dead, the whole town was in mourning, and Angelo was worried about people finding out about him being involved. He consoled Martha through a difficult time, and wasn't accepting any thanks for his heroic efforts on the night of the formal fire. But Charlie was beginning to get closer to finding out about who Jack's killer was. After a few tricks, Charlie found out that Angelo had something to do with Jack's murder. Angelo had to give Tim Coleman a substantial amount of cash so Tim would keep quiet, but Charlie got wind of this and organized a secret operation to catch Angelo. But the plan fell through when Angelo bailed and Tim drove off. Charlie told Martha about Angelo and asked her to keep quiet about it. He agreed to speak at the funeral, and did so, but it all then fell to pieces. Martha told Tony after the funeral about Jack's murder, causing him to lash out at Angelo. Angelo was arrested and questioned.

After confessing to the murder of Jack Holden, he told Charlie that it wasn't intentional and that it was a mistake.

A few days later, Angelo and the police had to do a reconstruction of the accident. The lawyer later told Charlie and Angelo that there could have been a third person on the scene when the shooting happened, and asked Angelo to plead Not Guilty, much to Martha's dismay.

However, after a number of forensic tests on the bullet found at the site, it was indeed a bullet from Angelo's gun, therefore Angelo was sent to jail for the murder of Jack Holden.

Here we take a brief look at some of our members' comments:

Yeah this episode was good. Interesting that Angelo may have not killed him. I wonder how Tony/Martha will react if the real killer was found? (WillowsTara)

Liked seeing Angelo again, and Martha attacking him had to happen, I enjoyed that too. Plus i'm glad they're starting to realise, what we guessed long ago, that it may not be Angelo that shot Jack. (Anaya)

Angelo proven guilty was just tied up in too neat a little bow for my liking. (doola)

I'm still not convinced it was Angelo's bullet that killed Jack. The bullet in the bag looked really clean, I would have thought that the bullet that killed Jack would have had at least a trace of blood on it! Also, we already know that Angelo fired and that the bullet they found came from Jack's gun, but they have only found ONE bullet when there was at least 2 shots fired, maybe 3. How do they know that his bullet killed Jack? I know they've done tests and stuff, but the police of Summer Bay have never been known for their competency, more their lack of it. (TabbyCool)

Poor Angelo, though I did feel sorry for him, but it all seems to easy and I still ain't convinced it's him. Something isn't right. (Corey)