Character Spotlight - Larry Jefferies (July - Aug)


Larry first appeared in 2008, giving us more of an insight into his son Aden Jefferies' home life. Not long after Larry's first on-screen appearance, it was revealed that Aden had been sexually abused by Larry's father, Stanley, who was in the army. Aden was shocked to discover that his dad knew all along what was happening, and the two got into a heated argument. This resulted in Aden staying at Roman's place and Larry staying on his own in the house.

When on security rounds together, Ric caught Larry drinking and said that he would report him if he caught him again.

Inside a nearby jewellery store was Kane Phillips, who was holding a gun and threatening to use it. Larry tried to break free but ended up falling and hitting his head.

He remained in hospital for a while, before being allowed to go home. However, Rachel told Aden that his dad would need someone to be on hand daily to care for him. Aden wasn't thrilled by the idea but eventually agreed to the arrangement.

Not long after returning home from hospital, Larry started drinking again. Belle saw him drinking a bottle of whiskey and told him of how she knew he had a drinking problem. Larry explained that it started after his wife died but that he was over his addiction now. Belle wasn't so convinced and poured the whiskey down the sink.

Here's what some of our members make of Larry:

'I loved Aden's conversation with Larry in hospital. I like how they aren't just painting Larry as a two-dimensional villain. He's kind of like a male version of early Irene - abusive parent whose kid gets taken in by someone else.' (DinerLandlord)

'I agree that they should keep Larry around because the way the character has been shown he has potential and if they killed him off they might just kill Aden's recovery which would be convenient.

Also the guy that plays Larry has been excellent. The scene with Rachel when he was telling her about the abuse and his father was top notch.' (ayeshax)

'Larry is just as helpless as Aden, in the way that he doesn't know how to help his son. They make a great father/son team.' (whispered_envy)