Character Spotlight - Belle Taylor (Sept - Oct)

CharacterSpotlight-Belle.jpgPassionate, quirky and half of one of the most popular new couples to hit the Bay, Belle Taylor has been with us for over three years - and what a rollercoaster of a ride it's been! Tracking down her birth mother, and discovering that she was in fact the daughter of baddie turned good Amanda Vale, was just one of many huddles Belle would have to go through in the three years following her somewhat unorthodox arrival to Bay life. Since being found in the bush by Ric in early 2006, she's been kidnapped twice, had numerous boyfriends, been involved in a bitter love triangle, been in a helicopter crash, had more catfights with Matilda than she's had hot dinners and found a new home with Irene. Drama and heartache often follow Belle, but when they don't, she works at the Diner and enjoys pursuing her hobby, photography.

Having broken up with Drew Curtis earlier in the year, Belle and Aden - after much flirting - became a couple. And like any other, their relationship wasn't a smooth sailing one. When he discovered that she knew his father had starting drinking again he hit the roof, while the sexual abuse Aden suffered by his grandfather played a big part in his hesitance to get close to Belle. As if things couldn't get any worse for the young pair, Aden took his feelings of anger and confusion to another level and tried to end his father's life. Wanting to check up on Aden, Belle also found herself in the shed where Larry and Rachel were being held. After talking to Aden and convincing him that he would be letting his grandfather win by killing his father, Belle was able to phone the police and walk away from the terrifying experience. Not knowing who Aden is any more, Belle has for the time being broken up with Aden.

We've compiled some comments from members on what they think of Belle and also the much loved 'Adelle' pairing -


'I think Belle's such an interesting character and I love the conflicts she's caused since she arrived in the Bay and the fact that she is Amanda's daughter is just great. Jessica Tovey is also a superb actress too in my opinion.' (angel luck)

'I know it was a while ago now but I just wanted someone to slap her when she whinged about Geoff moving in then promptly made him feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, and then totally overreacted about something so petty resulting in him deciding to move out. The way she acted like he fancied her just showed how big headed she really is.' (Danifan)

'I have grown a strong hatred towards Belle. She is a selfish cow, and the way she treated Lucas makes my hatred for her grow even more.' (Aquamarine)

'Belle is a really great character, very unlike all the other young people in H&A at the moment. Her "rebel" streak makes her an enjoyable character to watch and she's really witty which also adds to the enjoyment. Jessica plays her superbly.' (*belle*)

Belle and Aden:

'Did you ever see anything as cute when they were playing around with the camera? They are sooo meant for each other. All this lovely tension is starting to melt.'(jack+martha=trooluvv)

'Love the chemistry, love their flirtations and love them together.' (jessica_2005)

'Yeah, they still don't gel for me. The actors and the writers try to convince us they're this really sweet couple but I'm just sitting there going "That's Belle and Aden. Why are they together?" She literally went from hating him to looking at him gooey-eyed without any kind of transition.And the same with him: one minute he's doing scary flirting to wind her up, the next he suddenly means it.' (Red Ranger 1)

'Much as I love J&M, I can see that Aden and Belle are a much better written and explored couple. Their depth suggests to me that they aren't destined to go around in circles.' (Mistified)

'Aden and Belle have a magic something about them. They are the new Jack and Martha, only better.' (Corey)

'I don't understand all the hype surrounding them. I think the writers ran out of guys to put Belle with so they just stuck her with Aden. They don't fit together and in the end, she's only going to end up hurting Aden. If I didn't like Geoff/Nicole so much, I would rather Aden with Nicole.' (KatieL)

'I used to think Drelle were perfect...and then they went way off base. But I'm totally rooting for Adelle now, so much more than anyone else on the show.

'I was afraid this would happen-they seem to be turning Belle into the new Cassie, the one who's addicted to abusive relationships.Whenever someone comes along who'll do right by her, like Lucas or Angelo, she treats them badly while running back to the guy that mistreats her.' (Red Ranger 1)

'They're just so hot, cute, and fluffy together!!' (xZeenatx)