Bttb Roundup (Mar - April)

BTTB News - March and April

March and April were busy months for Back to the Bay.

Members saw a lot of Character Profiles uploaded. These included profiles of Vinnie Patterson, Travis Nash, Carly Morris and much more! Lots to get through, so get stuck in! They can be located here.

Admin Chris apologized for abandoning us with a "work-in-progress" style main site. The apology can be found here. We have yet to forgive him.

Numerous news articles were uploaded by staff. Just bits and bobs, but all very interesting nonetheless. You can read 'em all here.

The April version of the BTTB Quiz was launched after Dark Angel won the March edition. You can take part in these quizzes in future. Just follow the instructions when the new quizzes are launched on both the main site and forum.

Tons of spoilerish episode summaries have been uploaded. You can read all of the summaries for future Australian episodes here. Also, some episode summaries for 1992 have also been uploaded. You can take a stroll down memory lane and read them here.