BTTB Quiz: May

Thanks to all those that entered the first two quizzes. And so, they say 3 is the magic number, so here's out third quiz.

Present Character: Roman Harris
1. Who was the first person he talked to when he first arrived in the Bay?
2. Roman comes from a big family. How many siblings does he have?
3. What did Roman do before he started working at the Diner?
4. What was the name of Roman's friend and Elliot's brother?
5. What sense did he lose after being in a car accident?

Past character: Pippa Fletcher
1. Pippa was played by two actresses, What are their names?
2. Name four children/teenagers she took care of.
3. What happened to her second husband?
4. What was the name of the actress who was originally meant to play Pippa?
5. How did Pippa make her appearance on the show in 2002?

Weddings Category
1. Where did Pippa and Michael get married?
2. Who was arrested on their wedding day in 1998?
3. Why didn't Sally and Kieran get married?
4. When Kane and Kirsty celebrated their wedding with their family and friends, they didn't want to say their vows as they had already said them the first time and they wanted to do something different. What did Kirsty do instead?
5. Who found out she was pregnant on her wedding day but her husband wasn't the father of her child?

Guest characters
1. What was the name of the guest character who fathered Sophie Simpson's baby?
2. Who of the current home and away guest characters has been appearing on screen since 2002?
3. What was the name of Max's friend who died from leukaemia?
4. Why did Jazz really come to the Bay the first time?
5. Why did Johnny Cooper break out of jail?

General Knowledge
1. How many Logies did the show win this year?
2. Who was the principal of Summer Bay High at the beginning of the show?
3. What caused the demise of the Bayside Diner?
4. What does VJ stand for?
5. Who killed Noah Lawson?

Entries should be received by the 31st of May and PM'ed to Quizmaster.