BTTB Quiz: March Answers

1. When did the Pilot episode air? (17 January 1988)
2. What is Leah's maiden name? (Poulos)
3. Which of Pippa's foster children went to live with her in the Carrington Ranges in 1999? (Tiegan)
4. Which current character has been on screen from the beginning? (Alf Stewart)
5. Who came up with the name Noah's for the local bar? (Josie)

1. What was the name of Jack's stepson? (Rory)
2. How many times did Jack get married while in the Bay? (Three)
3. What is Jack's phobia? (spiders or arachnophobia)
4. Where did he meet Martha? (Tasha and Robbie's party)
5. Who is Harry Chambers? (He is the father of the teenage girl Jack killed)

1. What did she study at uni? (Archaelogy)
2. What was the name of her imaginary friend when she was younger? (Milco)
3. How many times did she get engaged? (4 times - Kieran, Luke, Flynn, Brad)
4. What were Sally's last words to Alf before she left? "You'll always be Mr. Stewart to me Alf"
5. How did Sally's birth mother die? (in a boating accident)

1. Beth had been to what city before she died on her way home? (Paris)
2. In which country was Lucas Holden hiking when his brother died? (India)
3. Leah and VJ went to what country to get help for VJ when he couldn't hear? (USA)
4. Donald Fisher wrote a book in memory of his son. He was invited for the launch of his book in a foreign country. Which country was it? (UK)
5. Sally went on a holiday in 2000. Where did she go ? (Ireland)

1. What was the name of the first baby born on the show? (Christopher)
2.Who gave birth to their grandson (Irene)
3. In 2008 Cassie gave birth to a baby daughter. What is her name? (Summer Rose)
4. What happened to Hayley after she gave birth? (She had a cardiac arrest)
5. What did Gypsy and Kit have in common when it comes to giving birth? (They both gave birth on the side of the road, after failing to get to the hospital in time)