BTTB Quiz: June Answers

General Knowledge

1. On what channel does the show air in Australia? Channel Seven

2. Where does Colleen currently live? In a van

3. Who was lost in the bush after the chopper crash in 2006? Robbie, Kit, Kim, Martha, Belle and the pilot 

4. Name two guest characters who are on the police force. Georgina Watson, Ken Harper, Lara Fitzgerald, Darren McGrath, etc.

5. What year did Donald Fisher leave the Bay? 2003

Irene Roberts

1. What are the names of Irene's three biological children? Nathan, Finlay and Damien

2. Who was Irene originally played by? Jacqui Phillips

3. Who was the first foster child Irene took in? Selina Cook

4. Why did Irene finally kick out her husband Murdoch? She caught him trying it on with Selina by hiding under the covers of her bed

5. Why did she dislike Roman so much when he first became her new partner in the Diner? Because he wasn't Leah 

Dani Sutherland

1. How did Dani first meet Kane Phillips? At the drop in centre where her mother worked

2. Who did Dani befriend in prison? Viv 'The Guv' Standish

3. Why did her relationship with Will break up? She discovered he was still in love with and had fathered a baby with Gypsy

4. What did she claim she had run over when she hit Kane Phillips with her car? A kangaroo

5. What was her reason for leaving the bay? To pursue her writing career after her autobiography on the Guv's memoirs was a hit

Jail or crime

1. How did Kane and Kirsty dupe the police before they went on the run? They used her sister Laura as a decoy

2. Which two characters were imprisoned for crimes actually commited by their fathers? Vinnie and Kane

3. Who set Alf up causing him to be imprisoned? Josh West

4. Who did Jesse meet in prison that caused him to return to the bay? Vinnie

5. Why did Dodge kill Murdoch Roberts? As a favour to Murdoch's son Nathan, who Dodge shared a cell with


1. What was Steven's passion that he tried to hide when he first came to the bay? Karate

2. Which character discovered a passion for the spotlight after appearing in a reality show? Nick Smith

3. What is Hayley's passion? Painting

4. What is Lucas' passion? Writing

5. What is Belle's passion? Photography