BTTB Quiz: February 2010

1. Who created Home & Away?
2. Who was the first main character who died?
3. Which two actresses played the part of Hayley Lawson?
4. What was Sam Tolhurst's real name?
5. When did the 5000th episode air in Australia (day/month/year)?

1. Where did Jai and Miles first meet?
2. What nickname did Jai's brother and Ollie give him?
3. Who tried to kill Jai while he was in hospital?
4. People thought Jai had a crush on Matilda but what was the real reason why he wanted to be around her?
5. How did Jai communicate with Annie when they were banned from seeing each other?

1. What was her maiden name?
2. What are the names and sex of her children?
3. When Angel first came to the Bay, why did Shane dislike her?
4. How did Angel end up in a wheelchair?
5. Where did she move to after leaving the bay?

1. Who were the first owners of the Beachside Diner?
2. Which character died behind the counter?
3. Who proposed to their loved one in the Diner?
4. Who locked themselves up in the Diner with a criminal while they were waiting for the police to arrive?
5. Why did it close down?

1. What was Steven's karate teacher called?
2. How did the Fletcher's get revenge on Fisher?
3. What birthday was Tom celebrating at the start of the episode?
4. Who did the Fletcher's leave behind in Summer Bay after viewing the house?
5. Greg Benson appears in the pilot, as Matt Wilson, however what was he credited as?

Please PM your entries to Quizmaster on the forum by 4th March 2010, Good luck!