BTTB Quiz: April

Thanks to all who participated in the March quiz and congratulations to Dark Angel who proved to be a bright Angel as well. Here are the questions for April

General Knowledge

1. Jazz is a nickname. What is her first name?
2. What is Colleen's son called?
3. The show is filmed in Sydney and Palm Beach. Recently however, some cast members went to another Australian city to film some scenes. Which city was it?
4. What is the name of the boat that has been owned by Fisher, Travis and Alf?
5. Which long-term character was switched at birth?


1) Who did Vinnie propose to at the end of 1998?
2) Where did Flynn propose to Sally?
3) How did Vinnie successfully propose to Leah?
4) Which two characters proposed to Lucinda?
5) Who found Irene's engagement ring in the surf?

Rachel Armstrong

1. What was Rachel's job when she first arrived ?
2. In 2006, Rachel got a job opportunity which she accepted. Kim was even planning on going with her. Where was she going to work?
3. What was wrong with her mother?
4. In which locations has she been proposed to?
5. Rachel had a miscarriage. Who was the baby's father?

Dodge Knight

1) What building did Dodge burn down?
2) Who did Steven and Dodge bring back from "The City"?
3) Who did Dodge reveal his guilt whilst drunk?
4) Who did Dodge kill when he returned to Summer Bay in 1995?
5) What musical instrument did he carry around?


1) Who celebrated their 30th birthday this year?
2) What job did Kirsty do after leaving school?
3) Who moved into the same house that their sister had lived in for three years approximately a decade previously?
4) Who did Fisher propose to?
5) Which dead character appeared in the season finale?

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