BTTB Quiz - September 2010 Answers

1. Who sang the theme song in the 2000 credits? The Robertson Brothers
2. When did episode 5000 air in Australia (day/month/year)?  29th January 2010
3. What colour is Alf's ute? White
4. What was the name of Annie and Geoff's dog? Scruffy
5. One of the H&A writers won an award last month. What is his name and what award did he win? Sam Meikle won an AWGIE award

1. Why was she taken away from her biological father? He was hitting her
2. Who turned out to be her secret admirer? Matt Wilson
3. What was Carly dependant on when she was in serious trouble or just could not cope? Alcohol
4. Who did Carly end up marrying and in which year? Ben Lucini in 1990
5. For which occasion did she last return to Summer Bay? For Sally's farewell concert

1. Who was the first person Colleen met when she returned to Summer Bay in 1999? Joel Nash
2. What is the name of her son's child and is it a boy or a girl? A daughter named Maggie
3. Which two characters created a profile for Colleen on a dating website? Tasha and Robbie
4. Which infamous pageant did she win and in which year? Miss Groper in 1959
5. What sport did she often use to play with her friends Madge Wilkins and Betty Allsop? Bowls

1. When Donald Fisher retired as principal in 2003, who replaced him? Paris Burnett
2. Who requested long service leave to go on a cruise? Martin Bartlett
3. Who was the first character we heard referring to Don Fisher as Flathead? Bobby Simpson
4. Who replaced Brad Armstrong when he was stood down as principal? Sally Fletcher
5. Who is the current Summer Bay High principal? Gina Austin

1. Who was hiding in a caravan when the Fletchers first visited the caravan park? Bobby Simpson
2. Who kidnapped their own baby? Brett Macklin
3. Who was raped? Carly Morris
4. Who killed themselves and tried to make it look like they had been murdered?  Gary Samuels
5. Who died from an aneurysm? Alan Fisher

Answers should be PM'd to Quizmaster by 8th October 2010.