BTTB Quiz - September 2009 Answers

1. What was Sally Fletcher's middle name? (Louise or Elizabeth)
2. What US vampire series does Ryan Kwanten (Vinnie Paterson) currently star in? (True Blood)
3. What year did Travis and Rebecca get married? (1997)
4. What is the name of Kirsty's son? (Oliver)
5. One of the Minogue sisters stared in Home And Away: But who? (Danni)

Past character: Jade Sutherland
1. Who was Jade's stepmother after Rhys remarried? (Beth)
2. Which ex-boyfriend of Jade's got her involved with drugs, when he returned to the Bay? (Duncan)
3. Who was Jade dating before a reality show tore them apart? (Nick)
4. They say that nothing brings two people closer together than a common dislike of a third. That was the case for Jade and Seb. Who was it they had a problem with because of who he was dating? (Kane)
5. What hobby did Jade have, that lead to her developing an eating disorder? (Ballet)

Dangerous habits, experiments, and accidents
1. Which current character with a past as an alcoholic recently suffered a relapse? (Irene)
2. Over the past six years there have been two big storylines involving an alcoholic father and his son, who suffered from abuse. Which sons are we talking about? (Ric and Aden)
3. In 2005 Robbie ran through the bush naked. What dangerous object did he step on? (A used syringe)
4. What dangerous drug was Sarah Lewis and Felix Walters addicted to? (Crystal meth/methamphetamine)
5. One family seemed to struggle more than others with alcohol abuse. What last name did a father, daughter, and for a short period following a break up, a brother, all addicted to alcohol share? (Hunter)

Student - Teacher relations
1. Which current character has gone to school while both his guardians worked there? (Jai)
2. With many other students behind her, including the principal's son, Jade staged a protest lock-in. Who was the principal? (Barry Hyde)
3. He tried to seduce his student, but Ross McLuhan didn't succeed. Who did he make a move on? (Dani Sutherland)
4. The students at SBH had to help their teacher's boyfriend with a proposal in 2003. Who popped the question? (Flynn)
5. Which SBH principal did Nick seem to have more of a problem with because of people they shared in their personal lives? (Paris Burnett)

Quotes - Complete the following
1. JAZZ: "Not before coffee! Nothing happens before coffee! Well... _____________!" ("almost nothing")
2. NICOLE: "Some people have fashion sense, and some people don't. Annie is... _______________." ("otherwise gifted")
3. COLLEEN: [about IRENE] - "She nearly hit me with a ___!" ("wok")
4. BELLE: [about AMANDA] "Does anybody have a spare husband or son? Heck even a grandfather, __________________!" ("no age limits here")
5. MILES: "You can put away the watering can, I'm not _____________." ("an axe-murderer)