BTTB Quiz - October 2011 Answers

1. Which current character had a crush on two of their school teachers? Ruby Buckton
2. Who was the owner of the Beach House when it first appeared on screen? Ernie Jacobs
3. Whose politician mother did Donald Fisher have a fling with? What was her name? Shannon Reed's mother, Katherine Walker
4. Who first appeared on screen on a white horse?  Scott Hunter
5. Which former main character has come back to the Bay recently? Gypsy Nash 

1. After which event, did Flynn decide to draw up a will? After he fell off a cliff, impaling himself on a branch
2. Who was the first woman to have a crush on him? Shauna Bradley
3. Why did he not want to start a relationship with Sally at first? His sister Ashley was missing and he would have to leave Sally if he'd had a lead about Ashley's whereabouts.
4. Who wanted to write an article about him which could have resulted in him losing his job? What was that article about? Jackie Turner, Josh West's mother wanted to write an article about Flynn after she found out he had done some nude modelling. She didn't think such a model should be able to work with children.
5. In which episode did Joel McIlroy first appear as Flynn? Episode 3431

1. What did Martin Bartlett buy to impress Kirsty? A motorbike
2. What are the names of Jazz' stepdaughters? Bree and Essie Freeman
3. Who pretended to have cervical cancer? Bridget Simmons
4. Which former firefighter worked at Noah's for a little while? Marc Edwards 
5. Who set up a website on which the sit-in at Summer Bay High could be seen live? Ethan Hunt/Morgan 

1. Why did Jai get detention shortly after he came to the Bay? He crashed the school's computer network when trying to put a touched-up picture of Mr Bartlett on all the desktops
2. Who got caught in a compromising position with an older guy during a school trip? Nicole Franklin
3. Who got the whole school on detention?  Aden Jefferies
4. Which characters got into trouble because one of them had ruined their principal's chair? Belle Taylor, Cassie Turner, Drew Curtis and Jules Munroe
5. Who got one of their classmates in trouble on purpose by hiding a stolen exam paper in that classmate's bag? Vicki Baxter

1. On which island were Alf Stewart's parents last heard to be living? Tahiti
2. Who left with Travis Nash on an environmental trip to Canada? Donna Bishop
3. Charlie Buckton has a list of places she'd like to visit. How many places are there on her list? About 20
4. Which three countries did Morag and Ross go to on their honeymoon? Italy, France, UK
5. Sally and Colleen went overseas after Flynn's death. Where did they go? Italy