BTTB Quiz - October 2010 Answers

1. Which former H&A actress got married in September 2010? Kate Ritchie
2. Lincoln Lewis' first major movie was released in Australia in September 2010. What is its title? Tomorrow, When The War Began
3. What sport did Elijah teach? Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
4. What was the codename of Josh West's and Amanda Vale's freeway development? Project 56
5. Which two babies were born on the same day? VJ Patterson and Lily Smith

1. Why did Nicole move to the Bay to live with Roman? Her mum's boyfriend had hit on her but her mum didn't believe her
2. What is Nicole's dream job? Fashion Designer
3. Why did Elliott kidnap Nicole? He wanted to let Roman know how it felt to lose someone he loves as he thought Roman was responsible for his brother's death.
4. What object did Belle give Nicole before she passed away? The necklace that Nicole chose when Aden asked her help to find a present for Belle
5. Who wrote a song about her?  Liam Murphy

1. Who was the Summer Bay Nutter? Walter Bertram 
2. What was the name of Irene's nephew who dated both Selina and Sally? Nelson McFarlane
3. What was Marc Edwards' job before he arrived in Summer Bay? Firefighter 
4. Who helped Melody out when she ran away from Summer Bay and was living in the streets of Melbourne? Archie Maddock 
5. How did Trey get back at all the people who made fun of him? He put a bomb under a bus in which his stepfather and classmates were trapped 

1. How did Kirsty find out something was wrong with Jade? Being twins and having a special bond with each other, Kirsty felt her sister's pain. 
2. What shock revelation did Peter tell Leah? That Vinnie was still alive 
3. In whose house did Sarah hold everyone captive? Leah's House 
4. Who was left hanging upside down from a cliff? Roman Harris
5. Whose heart stopped beating for a while? Martha MacKenzie

1. Summer Bay High welcomed a new drama teacher. What was their name? Amanda Vale 
2. Who won the Miss Groper Pageant and who was the runner-up? Tasha Hunter won, Cassie Turner was runner-up 
3. What kind of event did Colleen organise to raise money for the hospital? Murder Mystery 
4. Which family moved to the Bay in 2005? The Holdens
5. Who turned out to be the father of Hayley's baby? Scott Hunter