BTTB Quiz - October 2009 Answers

1. A past character shares the same name as one of Hollywood's most famous actors. Who is it? (Will Smith)
2. Give the name of two H&A actors who have been on Dancing with the Stars (Jodi Gordon, Ada Nicodemou, Bec Cartwright, Lincoln Lewis, Jason Smith, Luke Jacobz)
3. What are the names of Alf's siblings? (Colleen, Morag, Celia, Barbara, Debra)
4. What is the name of the local newspaper Belle worked for? (The Coastal News)
5. The 10th season of Home & Away aired in ... (1997)

1. Why were Miles and Sally separated when they were children? (Their mother threatened to keep them away from their father if he didn't stop drinking. So he decided to leave and took Miles with him.)
2. What were the names of his wife and daughter? (Louise and Amber)
3. What happened to them? (They died in the tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004)
4. What subjects does he teach at SBH? (English and History)
5. Who did everything she could to get Miles fired after she found out her daughter was reading a censored book? (Christine Jones)

1. What are the three main colours of the SBH uniform? (Red, blue, white)
2. Irene used to work at the school. What was her job? (She was the principal's secretary)
3. Two people were stuck inside the building during a fire. Who were they? (Sally & Belle)
4. Who had to repeat Year 12 in 2008? (Aden, Drew and Matilda)
5. Name two characters who have been principal at SBH. (Sally, Brad, Paris Burnett, Barry Hyde, Martin Bartlett, Don Fisher etc.)

1. Where did she live before she moved to the Bay? (Hong Kong)
2. She met a guy on the Internet but things didn't work out between them. Why? (The guy turned out to be her brother Tom)
3. Who kidnapped Gypsy and held her hostage for 2 weeks? And why? (Robert Perez kidnapped her because he had a vendetta against Joel)
4. Where did she and Will conceive Lily? (In a car)
5. Where did Will proposed to her? (On the side of the road, after giving birth to their baby girl)

1. What type of cancer has been the most frequent on the show? (Leukaemia (5 cases))
2. Which two current characters who are related suffered from the same type of cancer? (Martha and Colleen)
3. When was Flynn diagnosed with cancer? (After he gave a speech about skin cancer at SBH, his colleague Dr Matthews found a cancerous mole on his back.)
4. Who found out he had cancer and tried to hide it from his partner for as long as possible? (Kane)
5. Two young women suffering from cancer died in their lover's arms at sunrise. Who were they? (Meg Bowman and Emily Armstrong)