BTTB Quiz - November 2011

1. What was the episode number of the 2011 season finale? When did it air in Australia? 
2. What was The Den? 
3. What name do Jazz Curtis and Josie Russell have in common? 
4. What happened to the original caravan park in real life? 
5. When did 7TWO start airing the Early Years, starting with the pilot? 

1. Which current character owns/owned a motorbike? 
2. Which two main female characters can surf?
3. Which characters have had a miscarriage? 
4. Who is Summer Bay's current event planner? 
5. What was the name of Sasha's mother? 

1. Which couples left the Bay to prevent one of the partners from going to jail? 
2. Which young family left the Bay on the Blaxland? 
3. What do Celia Stewart and Geoff Campbell's departures have in common? 
4. Who left the little seaside town to go to Hollywood and work in the entertainment business? 
5. Who moved to Greece?

1. Which 2 main characters were blood relations of Bridget Jackson and how? 
2. What are the names of the cousins who were played by the same actress? 
3. A daughter and a father both got married on the same day. Who are they? 
4. How did Dan Baker find out he was an uncle? 
5. What is the link between Romeo Smith and Will Smith? 

1. Who poisoned their grandmother by giving her pills she didn't need? 
2. What is the name of the DOCS worker who took care of Tiegan Brooks' case? 
3. Which guest character caused trouble in the Bay by walking topless on the beach, dealing drugs and kissing their boyfriend's brother? 
4. Who was Sarah MacKay? 
5. What is the name of the gay man who managed a posh restaurant? What was the name of said restaurant? 

Please PM your answers to Quizmaster by 16th December 2011.