BTTB Quiz - November 2010 Answers

1. What past character came back to the Bay at the beginning of this year? Marilyn Chambers
2. Who currently owns the Pier Diner? Leah Patterson-Baker and Irene Roberts
3. Who was Alex Bennett's half brother? Joey Rainbow
4. Name two regular characters who are/were doctors and work(ed) at the Northern District Hospital.  Kelly Watson, Lachlan Fraser, James Fraser, Charlotte Adams, Flynn Saunders, Rachel Armstrong, Sid Walker
5. What city do the characters mean when they mention "the city"? Sydney

1. Who was the first person she met in the Bay? Morag Bellingham
2. Why was Charlie against Ross and Morag's relationship at the beginning?  She thought it was too soon after her mum's death
3. After Ruby's birth, Charlie ran away. Where did she stay? At her Aunt Michelle's house
4. Why did she go to a therapist for while? She had commitment issues
5. What is Charlie Buckton's current police ranking? Sergeant

1. Who were her biological parents? Morag Bellingham & Donald Fisher
2. Who was the father of the baby she miscarried? Chris Reynolds
3. Which television show did Donald Fisher and Bobby Simpson appear on to promote Alan's book? The World Tonight
4. In 1993, Bobby took in two Summer Bay High students.Who were they? Sarah Thompson & Tug O'Neale
5. After her death, Bobby made one more appearance. Who saw her ghost and where did they see her? Ailsa saw Bobby's ghost materialise from the fridge

1. In which town is the police station located? Yabbie Creek
2. Which officer confessed to being a hit and run driver? Chris Hale
3. Which officer accidentally gave his brother access to police records? Nick Parrish
4. What was the name of the corrupt policeman who had a child in a wheelchair and shot Jack Holden? George Watson
5. Who got shot in front of the building? Hugo Austin

1. What is Liam's ex-wife's job? She is a model
2. Apart from Rachel, who was the first person to find out about Belle's cancer? Nicole Franklin
3. Angelo and Hugo found the wreck of a boat. What did they find in it? 12 dead bodies
4. Who had a miscarriage? Kirsty Phillips
5. When Annie and Jai left to Japan, Irene went with them for a few weeks. Why did she have to go with them? They needed a chaperone