BTTB Quiz - February 2011 Answers

1. Which two guest characters, who were also siblings, were in a gang? Johnny & Rocco Cooper
2. What is Elijah Johnson's job? He is a Reverend
3. Name one character who has lost their eyesight, whether it was permanent or temporary Answers include Roman Harris, Nigel Taggart, Alex Bennett, Diana Fraser and Catherine Clements
4. What were the three fake names the Summer Bay Stalker used? Zoe McCallister, Wal Harrise, Maxine Trood
5. Summer Bay lies in which local government area? Wapanga Shire Council

1. One of the Sutherland girls didn't attend Beth and Rhys' wedding. Who were they and what were they doing instead? Kirsty didn't attend as she was marrying Kane at the same time
2. Who was Jack Hunter having an affair with? Val Squires
3. How and where did Tony find out about Beth being dead? He came across the accident site and recognised her hand hanging out from underneath the sheet
4. Who did Beth slap once in a dream? Shelley Sutherland
5. Who did Beth and Irene fall out over in 2005? Barry Hyde

1. In which city was Roo Stewart living before she came back to the Bay? New York
2. To which city did Rachel Armstrong and Tony Holden move to? Boston
3. And last time we heard from them, which three other main characters also supposedly still live in that same city (see question 2)? Robbie & Tasha Hunter and Josie Russell
4. Which two characters currently live in the Land of the Rising Sun? Annie Campbell & Jai Fernandez
5. Where did Shannon Reed move to? Paris

1. Why did Indigo and Dexter Walker come back to live with their father? Their mother was going overseas with Indigo's ex-boyfriend and they preferred to go back and live with their dad.
2. What is the name of Angelo Rosetta's restaurant? Angelo's
3. Before she became principal, what job was Gina Austin looking for? Science Teacher
4. Which current characters have had to resit Year 12? Nicole Franklin and Romeo Smith
5. Which two characters had plans to record an album? Ruby Buckton and Liam Murphy

1. Which teenager tried buying alcohol in Celia's store by pretending they were 20 years old? Emma Jackson 
2. Which 90's teenager was analphabetic when they first arrived and who found about this person's illiteracy? Joey Rainbow found out Tiegan Brooks was analphabetic 
3. Which character who arrived in 1990 had an ex-wife named Cynthia? Michael Ross 
4. Who was accused of killing a baby? Justine Welles
5. What was the name of Donald Fisher's sister? Mary Croft