BTTB Quiz - December 2011 Answers

1. What was April planning on doing with the chemicals she stole? She wanted to blow up a tannery
2. What present did Darryl Braxton give VJ? A surfboard
3. What was the title of the first video Dexter posted on the internet? 'How to be Normal'
4. What was the name of Dexter's female alter ego? Sheila
5. How did Thabo's father die? He died from Cholera

6. Dexter made Xavier a fake ID. According to that ID, what is Xavier's date of birth? 10th March 1988
7. Xavier and Miranda attended an art exhibition. What was the artist's name? Diego Laguna
8. What movie makes Angelo cry? Toy Story 3
9. Name three ways Nicole tried to induce labour. Eating eggplant parmigiano / eating chilli / watching a sad movie so she could have a good cry
10. Which main character is on the Neighbourhood Watch Committee? Colleen Smart

11. When Billy introduced himself to Romeo, he gave him another name. What name was it? Mac
12. What name would Nicole have given to her baby and why would she have picked that name? Ben because of her best friend in primary school who moved away
13. What were the three colours of the Summer Bay team at the surf carnival? Orange, Blue & White
14. During a tarot reading session, Marilyn found out Elijah would somehow be a part of her future. Which tarot cards supposedly represented Marilyn and Elijah? The Empress card represented Marilyn and the Chariot card represented Elijah
15. What birthday present did April get from her father? An iPad

16. John lied about his age to his friends. How old did he say he was and what is his true age? He said he was turning 49 but he actually is 52
17. What subject does Ruby struggle with? Algebra
18. What punishment did the Department of Education want to give April for stealing the chemicals? 4 weeks of detention
19. Dexter kept some old toys from Indigo. What kind of toys are they? Dolls
20. Who nearly drowned and was saved by a River boy? VJ Patterson

21. Which main characters did we see helping out the boys by agreeing to take part in an experiment for their science project? Marilyn and Morag
22. What was Grace's job in Africa? Primary school teacher
23. What was Sasha's mother's job? She worked in a salon
24. What is Charlie's zodiac sign? Gemini
25. Who gives great massages, volunteers at the shelter, uses drugs for pain relief and shortly dated one of Summer Bay's waitresses? Keith Irwin

26. Where was the B&S Ball held? It was held in a paddock at Sid's farm
27. What is the name of the teens' female classmate who seems to only appear on the show when there is a party? Summer Horgan-Jones
28. Who hid in the SBH toilets for a few days? Felix, Sasha's half-brother
29. What happened to the school during the storm? The roof collapsed
30. Who suffered from panic attacks? April

31. What does Dean's tattoo represent? A bull's head
32. What do all the songs Liam wrote for his album have in common? Their titles are all girls names
33. What present did Cheryl give to Casey? An MP3 Player
34. Who was the latest Summer Bay resident to join Twitter? John Palmer
35. Which main character and guest character have both officially met their father and lost their mother this season? Sasha Bezmel and Darcy Callaghan

36. What is the link between Rebecca Nash and Mark, Gypsy's new boyfriend? The actors were siblings in real life
37. Who died during the storm? Tegan Callaghan
38. Who is named after a tool? Hammer
39. Which two guest characters were played by two actors we had already seen on the show in 2009? Jody Walker, Kelly O'Mara, Cheryl Braxton
40. Where was Charlie held hostage? In a container at the storage unit

41. Who saved a man's life and later lost his job because of that man? Romeo Smith
42. Who got a tattoo and what does it represent? Sasha got a tattoo which represents a surfboard with the words 'love forever' written on it in Asian characters
43. How was it revealed that Gina was a closet 'bikie'? She pinched Xavier's instructor's motorbike to find Xavier when he took a long time to return at the test centre
44. How much money did Cheryl Braxton lose at the pokies? $70,000
45. Who fell asleep in class? Dexter Walker

46. Who kept on sending flowers to the woman he was interested in until she agreed to go on a date? Harvey Ryan
47. Where did Marilyn want to flee to with George? London
48. To which boarding school did Mark want to send Lily? Northbrooke
49. To which music festival did some of the characters want to go? Why didn't it go ahead? The Moon Mountain Music Festival was cancelled due to flooding in the area
50. Who was the first person to find out about Irene's cancer and how did they find out? April found out whilst searching through Irene's handbag as she had been acting weird recently.

51. Whose fingers are we seeing?
Leah Patterson Baker's

52. Where can you find this tree?
Next to the Walker's Farm
53. What happened at this road junction?
Brax & Charlie hit Liam on his motorbike

54. What are these women about to do?
They're about to go on a cruise with Romeo on the
Blaxland and cause trouble
55. What did Miles find in his bed that shocked him?
Roo Stewart

56. Who is this woman? Rhonda O'Mara

57. Who is this and where did we meet him?
Marty Jones, we saw him in the Hawaii episodes

58. Who's this and how's he related to a new arrival?
He is Douglas Graham (Penn's grandfather), baby George/Ben's great-grandfather

59. Who is this and what is her profession?
Hayley O'Connor, she's a lawyer
60. Who is this and who was he involved with?
Kieran Monroe, he had a fixation on Indi Walker