BTTB Quiz - December 2009 Answers

01. Who found Jack's dead body? (Tony)
02. Who is the father of Claudia's baby? (Lachie)
03. Who is Sophia? (She is Andy's daughter or Rachel's friend's daughter)
04. Who is the new principal of Summer Bay High? (Gina Austin)
05. In which country did Hugo use to live? (Indonesia)
06. What name does Robertson call Morag? (Battle ship)
07. What does Liam want to open in Summer Bay? (A music school)
08. Who was trapped in a burning van? (Claudia and Geoff)
09. Where did Melody and her mother move? (New Zealand)
10. Liam has a tattoo. What is it? (His son's name, Ash)
11. Who killed Grant? (Ross)
12. Kirsty started going to uni. What did she want to become? (A teacher)
13. What had Belle ordered and asked to be delivered at her funeral? (Balloons)
14. Which two buildings did Gardy make Roman rob with him? (A bottle shop and a warehouse)
15. What was the name of Belle's counsellor in rehab? (Craig)
16. What colour was the car Leah was driving when she and Roman got in an accident? (Blue)
17. What subject did Gina use to teach? (Science)
18. Jai and Annie went on an exchange trip. Where did they go? (Japan)
19. What is the name of the doctor who replaced Rachel while she was on maternity leave? (Sid Walker)
20. Who walked Rachel down the aisle? (Tony, her husband to be)
21. Which four characters celebrated milestone birthdays and state the ages that they turned. (Leah - 30th, Brendan - 21st, Nicole - 18th and Ruby - 16th)

Who said the following?
22. "No, no, Jai I'm not crying, I'm just having a moment." (Kirsty)
23 "Trust me, you don't want her anywhere near your coffee!" (Irene [about Annie])
24. "Free willy in trackies is not a good look mate." (Hugo [to Brendan who isn't wearing any underwear ])
25. "Look, I don't want to start a fight but you better make room in your wardrobe for my stuff." (Belle [to Aden])
26. "A leopard never changes its stripes." (Colleen [on Amanda's return]

27. Who walked Rachel down the aisle? (Tony, her husband to be)
28. Where, when and what time did Tony take Angelo fishing? (Perkins Point, on Jack's birthday, around 4 am)
29. Who stopped Rachel from fainting and collapsing at the Hospital during her shift and who came to their aid? (Miles, Dr Young and Nurse Sue came to their aid)
30. What were the four things on Ollie's checklist for Miles to take on the shark hunting expedition? (Hat, torch, food, sunscreen)
31. Who had a tattoo somewhere on their body, a brother who's gay, could speak fourteen words in Japanese and liked cats but hated dogs? (May Stone)
32. What was the name of the guy with the rhotacism at the speed dating night? (Rodney)
33. Where did Ruby find a job? (At the fish markets)
34. What is the name of Dexter and Indigo's mother? (Jody Walker)
35. Where did Belle and Liam meet? (At one of his concerts where she had to interview him)
36. What shocked the Summer Bay residents at the film festival? (Trey showed everyone a tape of Nicole and him having sex)
37. How old would Jack be if he was still alive? (28 years old)
38. We all know Ruby Buckton but who is Ruby Leeds? (She's Brendan friend)
39. How did Ruby contact Grant? (She pretended to be an old classmate and started chatting to him on a social network.)
40. Who thought her father was having an affair with her friend? (Indigo)
41. What did Belle give to Annie when she was dying in hospital? (Her camera)*
42. Why couldn't Fitzy make it to Jack's funeral? (She was in labour)
43. Martha bought a farm but who did it belong to a few years ago? (Bruce Campbell or Annie and Geoff's grandfather)
44. Which two characters were candidates in the elction? (John Palmer and Martha)
45. What did Charlie lose at Hugo's after the night they spent together? (An earring)

46. She hit Annie
47. Pippa
48. A hand
49. Trey
50. Gus and Ruby