BTTB Quiz - August 2010

1. What is Alf's favourite hobby?
2. Which water sport do a lot of men do in Summer Bay?
3. Who was responsible for Chloe Richards' death?
4. Which former H&A actress, who also works in the UK, gave birth to a baby boy last month?
5. Sharni Vinson has the female lead role in a movie which is out now in cinemas around the world. What is the name of that movie?

1. Who was Marilyn's Auntie Jean played by?
2. Where did Marilyn and Fisher get married?
3. When she left the Bay in 1999, where did she end up moving to and what was her job there?
4. Why is Colleen always giving Marilyn a hard time?
5. What is the name of her ventriloquist dummy?

1. When she first arrived in the Bay, Matilda often spoke another language so people couldn't understand her. What language did she speak?
2. At the beginning of her bulimia, what kind of cakes, made by Cassie and Ric, did we see Matilda shove into her mouth?
3. Matilda helped a friend cheat during an exam in Year 12. Who was that friend and what exam was it?
4. How and where did she find out about Viv's pregnancy?
5. What is the name of her roommate at uni?

1. How had Lily first contacted Cassie?
2. The boys were lost at sea during a storm. Which characters were on the boat?
3. How did Sam Tolhurst break her leg?
4. Alf's driver's license expired but he couldn't get a new one straight away. What was the problem?
5. Cassie, Mattie, Aden and some others got in a car accident. Who was driving when the accident occurred and who was supposed to be the designated driver?

1) Alf and Ailsa have branches of their respective families that share the same surname. What is this surname?
2) For the first 14 years, where were the caravan park scenes filmed?
3) What was Scott's horse called?
4) What did Ken fatally put off buying to get Irene a ring?
5) What links the answer to the four questions above?

Please PM your entries to Quizmaster by 4th September 2010.