BTTB News (Jan - Feb)

January was a great month for Back to the Bay. After months of work by our staff members (and members, too!), the 2008 Review was launched. The feature took a look at the entire 2008 season of Home and Away. We hope you enjoyed it because a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into getting it done. Okay, it wasn't that dramatic, but the little mice really did work hard to get it done. also celebrated it's 5th birthday. It was a great achievement and we hope to celebrate it's 10th birthday in 2014!

A number of character profiles and episode summaries were added to the site, as well as the 2009 opening whispers, 2009 opening titles, 2009 opening and closing theme tunes, news articles, the 4th edition of the Interactive Corner, and a Olympic Cliffhanger feature was added to the Reference section.

February was a month of news updates, episode summary additions, and profile updates. The staff also launched the Jack Holden departure feature, which took a look at Summer Bay's most loved cop and his time in the bay. We hope you like it!

January and February were also big months for staff changes on the forum. Cal stepped down from Moderator and is now Contributor. Contributor Karen and Librarian Jen were also made Moderators to help with the forum duties, whilst Andy was demoted from Moderator. With all these changes, we decided to make more! Jamey-Maria and John003au were made Forum Moderators for the Australian Discussion and to help control the civil unrest between members.

We'd like to thank Andy for all the work he put into keeping the forum tidy and peaceful, and we want to wish all the new or promoted staff the best of luck.