BTTB News (Nov - Dec)

November at Back to the Bay saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Ric and Matilda Departure Tribute. Months of hard and time-consuming work was put into the creation of the feature, which includes videos of the couple's best moments, up-to-date character profiles, a very extensive artwork gallery and much more. Be sure to take a look and let us know what you think!

As November drew to a close, edition 3 of The Interactive Corner was launched, with reviews of the previous two months popular characters, storylines and episodes.

Our popular BayWear feature, which looks at Summer Bay residents' clothing styles, was updated after a hiatus. Jai, Nicole, Miles and Belle.were all put in the spotlight. Many thanks to Eli for her dedication to the feature!

Long Summaries were added for episodes 346-361; 363-370 in 1989 Summaries, while Short Summaries were also added for episodes 361-370.

During the two months, News was updated with various articles relating to the show - including news on Luke Jacobz's sucess on Dancing With The Stars, Kate Ritchie's new role on Aussie mini-series Underbelly and Bec Hewitt's happy baby news.

The last three months have seen a number of staff changes. Kat (SkyKat), who is currently touring around Australia (lucky girl!), was promoted back to Admin. She's been through every colour going and the rest of the staff are all delighted to see her back in this role. Lauren (bttb-rox!) was promoted to Moderator from her Contributor status to help fill the green shortage, and will continue to work on the main site along with her new duties. QUIET ACHIEVER (QA) joined the reds as a Librarian after emmasi stepped down from her role. We'd like to welcome QA onboard and thank Jem for her help not just around the fic section but also in Aus discussion. The staff room is quiter without you, Jem!

We also welcomed to the mad house three freelance contributors in the form of Eduardo Bearo, JackWilkins and john003au. While they don't officially wear the purple badge of honour as of yet, the work they do behind the scenes is invaluble and we'd like to say a big thank you to them for the time and effort they put in.

As 2009 begins we would like to wish everyone at Back to the Bay a happy and healthy year ahead!

The BTTB Staff.