BTTB Member News (March - June)

We have had a lot of staff changes recently; Foxy was made Contributor (he used to be a moderator), Eli was promoted to Moderator, and while Jade and Nicole stepped down from their Librarian duty, Jen and valli joined the team as our new Librarians. Also like to welcome karena as a character profiler for the team.

In addition to this, Amii and Drew won in their categories for the BTTB Scriptwriting Competition! They will receive some great prizes as well as an actual Home and Away script! Congratulations!

It's that time of year again. Exam time! You may all be sick of hearing the word or you could be crumbling under the pressure. Or both. But nevertheless things have been going well for the Irish Leaving Cert students. They have completed their Oral examinations in Irish, French, German, and Spanish. We want to wish them good luck in June!

Students in the UK will also be doing their A-Levels and GCSE's. They have also completed their Oral Exams. And we wish them the best of luck in May and June. Meanwhile down under Australian students final exams are a while off yet (October/November) the work never stops with plenty of study being able to be done now for half yearly exams to prepare for the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate for NSW and their respective interstate counterparts. We wish all Australian students the best of luck in this time.

Amongst the things making our members happy this month was meeting Delta again for Rosey and getting a message from her for Katie343 whilst Di and Freakybuffy saw Westlife and Boyzone in their respective concerts. Dean got a promotion to Crew Chief at McDonalds, Traceve visited Perth and kris10na went to York in England on a school trip. Rising Flame and Miss Tan Tan both had good news on the romance front, ayeshax passed her driving test, Barbara's grandmother came out of hospital and Musie won money on the National. Oh and the mushroom became a wonder of the modern world. tongue.gif

At BTTB our members are raking up the frequent flyer points with many of our members planning or are already jetsetting around the globe to places such as Florida, Chicago, England, Norway, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Brisbane, Japan, New York and many other exotic locations. With our own administrator Dan recently returning from Palm Beach as well, it seems many of our members have caught the travelling bug as well and decided to head out to Summer Bay for themselves.