BTTB Member News (Nov - Dec)

Welcome to the Member News section for the fourth edition of The Interactive corner.

This is where you can get a little insight into what your fellow members are up to (if you don't know already, that is!) and who knows...if you announce something good, exciting or just plain outlandish that's going on in your life, you could be featured in the next article!

The beginning of November saw rising-flame, speedwayfanatic and emma_2006 all happy and smiling in The Happy Thread, as Lewis Hamilton became Formula One World Champion.

On the music front, zzazzb and ~Lynd~'s PINK tickets arrived. We hope you enjoy the concert in May!

Our librarian Jen finished her exams and is looking foward to winding down with some holiday time. You deserve it, Jen!

Mistified got married at the end of the month and spent 5 weeks travelling Australia and many other places for her honeymoon with her new hubby. Belated Congratulations from the BTTB team, we wish you all the best!  

December the 1st saw jenlee celebrate her 1st wedding anniversary. A very belated congratulations to you and your husband, jenlee! We hope you had a lovely day.

In other threads, members talked about destinations they'd traveled to as well as places they're dying to visit.

During December quite a few of our UK members sat down and indulged in a spot of Summer Bay nostaglia with Fiver's 'Back to the Bay' episodes while Home and Away was on hiatus. But it's not just our UK viewers who had to deal with a break in transmisson. Our Australian and New Zealand members also had to cope with the bordom that invetivbaly came with the break. Just in case you're not aware, Home and Away returns to Aussie screens on the 19th of Januray, while those in New Zealand will see the show return on the 9th of February. Don't worry, guys - those withdrawal symptoms will soon fade!

As the year drew to a close, many of our members were thinking about Christmas. We hope you all had a lovely holiday and that you'll manage to keep those New Year's resolutions (if you made them)!