BTTB Fanfiction (Nov - Dec)

Story Chosen: Just Like Juno (by Jen)
Reviewed By: matticus01

With Juno it started with a chair.

The Best opening line to get a person hooked. Just like Juno is about Matilda Hunter who takes a pregnancy test and going through her mind what it would be like if she was pregnant, just like her favourite movie character Juno McGuff. In the beginning you read about Matilda being visibly upset and later taking a pregnancy test. While you will have to find out if she is actually pregnant and who it would be to, through out the Fic you are thrust into Mattie's world, her mind and her feelings on everything from love, hate, life and even love and family.

Just like Juno is a one shot in which Jen has expressed so much emotion with such belief that from the second you start reading it you are hooked to find out more and more about what bought on Matilda's turmoil. The ending was very subtle and was ended perfectly and I wouldn't change a thing about this fic. 10/10, Jen!

Story Chosen: Hateful Words (by Jody)
Reviewed by: Zetti

This time I have chosen a fic close to my heart; it is called Hateful Words by Jody. You may be wondering why it is close to my heart as it is Aden and Belle arguing not happy. The reason I love this one shot is because Aden hasn't taken full responsibility for his actions and he has to realise that

In the opening paragraph a lot of descriptive words are used but to me that emphasises the situation and image in my head, she {the writer} also goes back to Belle's love of photography and uses it as a calming down tool, which for me is very effective. The actual conversation between Aden and Belle for me is interesting as I think most fans would have wanted an argument and then making up but in this one shot that doesn't happen. It isn't a bad thing it is actually quite endearing to see how a fan of the couple can write tension and angst between them. The dialogue throughout the fic was thought out really well and I loved the descriptions of how they were saying, but the one thing that I love about it is that Aden finally sees what his actions do to others and for me that is a turning point in Aden's life.