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The fanfiction section continues to be one of the strongest areas of the board with our talented members posting new and often high quality stories for you to read and follow every day. Not sure which fic is worth a read? Check out our new fanfiction recommendations thread or take a look at the two fiction reviews we have found for you this issue.

[b]Story Chosen:[/b] Stockholm Syndrome (by Louise_2983)
[b]Reviewed by:[/b] Zetti

I chose to review Stockholm syndrome because the fic is based around the issue of Stockholm syndrome, while it is a very adventurous and well-written fic the main reason I enjoyed reading it was because it wasn't predictable at all. The opening few chapters with the scenes involving Angelo/Belle/Aden to be completely honest didn't have me hooked but when Belle found herself pregnant with Angelo's baby I began to get more and more intrigued.

The writing of the chapter is mainly dialogue but in the style of the dialogue it is a positive aspect of the story. Her twists and turns in the story took me by surprise especially the one twist that had her kidnap Aden. Throughout those scenes where she kidnapped Aden the way they interacted with each other for me was a turning point and made me love the fic that little bit more.

On a whole the fic was well written and a very interesting story to read and comment on. I would recommend it to all Aden & Belle fans who want to see a different path they could follow from the path that Home & Away writers have opted to follow.

[b]Story chosen:[/b] Linger (by bay girl)
[b]Reviewed by:[/b] Pengzilla

So it was pretty difficult picking a fic to write a review on. But it wasn't too difficult to decide that it would DEFINITELY be based on one of bay girl's fics. The tricky part was deciding which one out of her many excellent long stories. I chose Linger.

Linger is set in the future, where Martha and Jack have been happily married for 2 years and have a little girl called Alex who is 7 months old. It opens up straight away to Jack, thinking about Martha. There's something that suggests Martha hasn't been around for about a month and you know something's not right! And you'd be correct in assuming that because as Jack gets Alex ready to go to the hospital you realise just where Martha is. She's in a coma and has been in one for a month now. But when she finally wakes up the heartache isn't over. She's got amnesia and she has no recollection of being married or having a child. She thinks its 3 years earlier, just after Robbie and Tasha's housewarming party. That should raise alarm bells for J&M fans - the first day Martha met Jack. Yes, she can remember the jerk that was Constable Jack Holden very well, and she doesn't take the news too kindly that she's married to him. Jack is obviously pretty gutted that his wife hates him, too. So the relationship is back to how it was in the beginning and we get to enjoy the funny and classic Jack and Martha love, while also finding out how Martha had gotten herself in a coma in the first place. And let's not forget the ending that keeps us on the edge of our seats. There's mystery, drama, romance and humour and it's absolutely brilliant!

All of bay girl's fics are brilliant Jack and Martha fics. She never fails to give the reader what they want (apart from when she doesn't finish her fics tongue.gif) and the way she writes really sets the scene. She doesn't get too bogged down in describing every detail of everything - she seems to have the perfect balance between description and dialogue. She also talks from Jack and Martha's perspective, telling the reader what they're thinking and feeling which makes it hard not to get addicted to the story. Oh, and she loves her cliff hangers. But don't we all?

So two thumbs up, 5 gold stars and a pat on the back to bay girl for this classic Jack and Martha fic that fulfills all of our needs!