BTTB Fan Fiction (Jan - Feb)

Story Chosen: And Just Like That (Everything Changes) (by KirstyEkua)
Reviewed By: suzannelgnz

This fic is incredibly good for someone who was writing their first ever fan fiction, and who didn't even know where it was going to go. This fiction also filled a serious gap in the fan fiction section as prior to this story there was a lot more Adelle fan fictions over anything else. The description of Rachel and Tony's actions made it feel like it was a real life event and not just a variation on a fictional TV program. I also liked the 3rd person perspective of the story at the beginning as it allowed a further exploration of what was going on in each of the main characters' lives. The contrast of happy and sad stories followed by going back to reality was one thing that especially kept me reading. The ending was definitely appropriate because it showed closure for everyone in the story who had lost a loved one. Although it didn't have a happy ending for all, at least things were starting to improve, and a sense of worthiness and closure was brought to the characters that had been so unsure as to how to feel at such a testing time. This fan fiction managed to touch the hearts of both fans and non fans of Tachel, so all I can say is that I hope Kirsty writes many more Fan Fictions of the same calibre as this one.