Best Character Awards : 68 to 40...

40. Eric Dalby (2004- )

Played by Mark Furze
New to the bay, it has been discovered that he is in fact Alf Stewart’s grandson.

=. Roo Stewart (1988-1989)

Played by Justine Clarke
Roo, Alf’s daughter from his marriage to Martha, was a teenage rebel. She ditched Frank at the altar after telling him that it wasn’t his child she was having, it was Brett Macklin’s. Left for New York, and now looks after Duncan.

42. Brian “Dodge” Forbes (1989, 1995)

Played Kelly Dingwall/ Dale
Known as the child that Pippa and Tom failed with, Dodge killed Steven’s uncle in a fire, before disappearing after going over a cliff in a fight with Steven 6 years later.

=. Scott Hunter (2003- )

Played by Kip Gamblin
Arrived in Summer Bay in 2003 on horseback, he and Dani were engaged till recently.

44. Barry Hyde (2004- )

Played by Ivar Kants
The headmaster from hell. A strict disciplinarian, he caused graffiti and lock-ins during his first few months as protests to the way he ran the school. He has however mellowed slightly as the year has worn on.

=. Carly Morris/ Lucini (1988-1991, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002)

Played by Sharyn Hodgson
One of the original Fletcher foster children, Carly was another of the teen rebels turn good. She is married and now has three kids.

=. Travis Nash (1995-1999)

Played by Nic Testoni
A long time Summer Bay resident, he was first seen when Laura was hit by a train. The owner of the Blaxland, boating was his livelihood. He married Rebecca Fisher during 1997 and they have recently had their first child.

=. Justine Welles (1997-2000)

Played by Bree Desborough
Justine Welles was another of Pippa’s foster children. Saved from drowning after rowing out to sea by Ian during Cyclone Raymond, she was then fostered by Travis and Rebecca and then Joel and Natalie. Left in 2000 with aspirations of becoming an actress.

=. Jude Lawson (2000-2002)

Played by Ben Steel
Noah’s brother came in as a cleaner, but with aspirations to become a lawyer. He also found happiness with Shauna Bradley and all was going well until Shauna called off the engagement, Jude crashed his bike and he didn’t get into his law course. His Doctor, Charlotte Adams, however helped him through this and they started a relationship. Sadly, Charlotte suffered a miscarriage and Jude left with Shauna when she returned a year later.

=. Celia Stewart (1989-1990, 2000, 2002)

Played by Fiona Spence
Alf’s highly religious younger sister, Celia has spent most of the past fifteen years out helping in Africa. However she almost ruined her brother in 2000 when she was held hostage and he had to pay $50,000 to get her released.

50. Curtis Reed (1994-1997)

Played by Shane Ammann
Curtis was one of Summer Bay’s surfer dudes; he also like Jesse has had two identical girlfriends. He had a relationship with Shannon. This caused outrage, as people thought they were brother and sister; they were in fact only foster brother and sister. He left in 1997 to go on the pro surfing tour.

=. Shelley Sutherland (2000-2002, 2003, 2004)

Played by Paula Forrest
A counsellor at the drop-in centre and the mother of the Sutherlands. Shelley’s relationship with Rhys was rocked to the core when it was announced that he was the father of Angela Russell’s son, Dylan. They divorced and Shelley moved away from the bay. Later that year, Shelley was back in the bay for Dani’s court case, and with new lawyer boyfriend David. Lately Shelley and Rhys have got back together.

=. Blake Dean (1990-1993, 2002, 2003)

Played by Les Hill
Blake and his sister Karen were sent to live with Alf and Ailsa when their mother, a friend of Ailsa’s in prison died. Blake’s most famous storyline was probably falling in love with leukaemia sufferer Meg, and having her die in his arms. However his relationship with an ex-girlfriend, Sophie was rekindled when they were stranded together after the boat disaster. They were about to have a child together and get married when Blake fled, overcome about becoming a father.

=. Adam Cameron (1990-1994, 1999)

Played by Mat Stevenson
Adam was held responsible for Bobby’s death for it was he who was in control of the boat when Bobby was killed. A year later Sam accidentally burnt his house down and Adam decided to leave the bay. He returned 5 years later to take charge of the Bonza Burgers chain, determined to show the bay that he was a reformed character.

=. Frank Morgan ('88-'89, '92, 2000, 2002)

Played by Alex Papps
The first character ever to make an appearance on Home and Away, Frank was Tom and Pippa’s first foster child. That was 1978. Ten years later he moved with them to Summer Bay where he was ditched by Roo at the altar before marrying Bobby. However this relationship didn’t last and he moved away from the bay.

=. Chloe Richards/ Fraser (1995-1999)

Played by Kristy Wright
One of Irene’s foster children, she was raped and stalked by Brad Cooper, had a child with Lachie, before marrying his brother James.

56. Paris Burnett (2002, 2003)

Played by Rhett Gilies
Brought into Summer Bay High to replace Don after he was sacked in 2002, Paris soon had a relationship with his secretary Irene. However Don was reinstated and Paris had to leave soon after. When Don decided to retire a year later it was Paris that was chosen to replace him and his relationship with Irene was rekindled. Tragedy struck when Paris’ brother and sister-in-law were killed in a car crash and he had to go and look after their children.

=. Dylan Russell (2002-2003, 2004)

Played by Brett Hicks Maitland
Angie’s son, and until an accident at the boatshed, Rhys’ son. He started a relationship with Kirsty, before he found out that they were brother and sister. Accidentally killed his mother, and so went to live in the city with his nan before his trial. He was found not guilty.

=. Edward Dunglass (1999-2000)

Played by Stephen James King
Summer Bay’s goth. He and Peta had a close relationship, and shortly after he found out that he had Huntingdon’s disease, he left to travel Europe.

=. Duncan Stewart (1989-2001, 2004)

Played by Allana Ellis, Lewis Devaney and Brendan McKensy
Alf and Ailsa’s son has grown up to be a bit of a tearaway. He has left his mother to drown, almost blown his father up with a homemade bomb and crippled his cousin in a car accident.

=. Scott Phillips (2001, 2003, 2004)

Played by Josh Rosenthal and Nathaniel Dean
Kane’s older brother first terrorised the bay in 2001, holding Shauna hostage and beating Kane. He returned in 2003, looking for money that he had given to Kane for safekeeping that had conveniently been burnt less than a week before. He then tried to kidnap Tasha.

=. Lance Smart (1988-1990, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)

Played by Peter Vroom
Colleen Smart’s son, he and Martin formed a great comical duo in the early years. Now he has settled down and is married with a baby daughter, Maggie and in recent has returned to the bay on numerous occasions in recent years.

=. Matilda Hunter (2004- )    

Played by Indiana Evans
One of the Hunter twins, Matilda is a bit of bitch. If she’s not faking illness in the hope of seeking a bit of attention or making snide comments about the Sutherland troubles.

=. Lynn Davenport (1988)

Played by Helena Bozich
Lynn only lasted half a year with the Fletcher family before she went to live again with her own family. Very religious, bordering on the fanatical.

=. Leah Poulos/ Patterson (2000- )

Played by Ada Nicodemou
This runaway bride arrived in Summer Bay during 2000. She married Vinnie a year later, but soon he was off to prison and she was left to bring up their son on her own. After hearing that he had died in a prison fire, she had a relationship with his ex-cellmate, Jesse, and is now the centre of the affections of the brothers Baker.

=. Haydn Ross (1991, 1994)

Played by Andrew Hill
Michael’s son, Haydn. Sadly, that’s about all I know about him.

=. June Reynolds (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)

Played by Rowena Wallace
Harry Keller’s mother, June was certainly a colourful character, who dabbled at turning up unannounced in the bay. During her longest stay, she and Don started a relationship, but soon after he has proposed to her she left the bay in shame, accused of stealing from the diner. However she wasn’t guilty, Alf in the early signs of madness had misplaced the money.

=. Michael Ross (1991-1996)

Played by Michael Coard
Pippa’s second husband, and also Debra Lawrence’s real life husband, helped carry on the tradition of fostering before he was unfortunately killed in the 1996 floods whilst trying to save Sam.

=.The Guv (2003, 2004)

Played by Maggie Fitzpatrick
In 2003, when Dani was in jail for attempted to murder, it was The Guv that helped Dani out by using her inside influences. In 2004, she then got some of her men to bash Felix who had been stalking Dani. Later that year, terminally ill, she gave her memoirs to Dani and announced to Alf that they had a son. 
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40   Eric Dalby   5
=   Roo Stewart   5
42   Brian “Dodge” Forbes   4
=   Scott Hunter   4
44   Barry Hyde   3
=   Carly Morris/ Lucini   3
=   Travis Nash   3
=   Justine Welles   3
=   Jude Lawson   3
=   Celia Stewart   3
50   Curtis Reed   2
=   Shelley Sutherland   2
=   Blake Dean   2
=   Adam Cameron   2
=   Frank Morgan   2
=   Chloe Richards/ Fraser   2
56   Paris Burnett   1
=   Dylan Russell   1
=   Edward Dunglass   1
=   Duncan Stewart   1
=    Scott Phillips   1
=   Lance Smart   1
=   Matilda Hunter   1
=    Lynn Davenport   1
=   Leah Poulos/ Patterson   1
=   Haydn Ross   1
=   June Reynolds   1
=   Michael Ross   1
=   The Guv   1
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